Florida group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags Over Texas

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A Florida-based group called Americans Against Hate plans to protest a Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Over Texas later this month because it says the Islamic organization sponsoring the event supports terrorism. Local Muslims called the accusation a lie.

Read more from WFAA/Dallas-Ft. Worth.

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It's amazing that you think that whenever someone protests anything then it's all about hate. This organization is trying to bring to light about the sponser of this event which supposed to have ties to terrorist groups. Many muslims contribute to these organizations without know any of what is going on behind the scenes. Like I have said, in the past 20 years more terrorist acts are committed being the radical muslims and the non-radical muslims have yet to commit such acts.
I'm curious as to how this group "Islamic Circle of North America" will genrate money through SFOT in the first place. Then give the money to someone will to blow something up.

It is "Muslim Family Day". Not "Islamic Circle of North America Day".

Those Floridians should just buy a ticket to get in and then buy flash passes so they can express their protest through legitimate line cutting while smoking heavily, without shirts, and soaked after riding Runaway Mountain.

And if the FBI has a watchful eye on this group, why would they admit it?

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Keep in mind that if you pay your taxes, you are sponsoring terrorism and a whole host of other unsavories. And yes, it IS all about HATE in my case. Can you blame me?
I agree with Wild Thing, how exactly will the "terrorist" organization get money from this? Is SF planning on cutting them a check?*** This post was edited by Coasterbuzzer 10/5/2007 2:25:39 PM ***
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Way to snack on the fear brownies, Tye. No one disagrees that there are radical Islamic terrorists. That doesn't make all Muslims terrorists, not by any means.

You're right, forgetting history does doom us to making the same mistakes over and over, as OhioStater has demonstrated. This isn't "exercising caution," it's hate mongering, and it's offensive to me.

It's just ridiculous that people actually have to protest something like this. IMO, i honestly think it might have something to do with the culture in Texas. Now, I'm not from Texas, but it seems like there are not many Muslims that live there, so when Muslims do come there, they might seem like "outsiders" and they're not wanted. I don't know, just weird there is actually going to be a protest over this.

I mean, at Great America in Santa Clara over the summer, there was a Muslim Unity Day. Nothing protest like came about over that. I don't really know how to respond to it because I'm from California and we have tons of Muslims living here and I don't look at them as terrorists.

Hey Putz, what's with the anti-Catholic generalizations? Engaging in a little douchebaggery of your own?
I guess there won't be long lines at the burger stands...

Obey, the Cow God!
-Green Jelly

Being Muslim, I guess I won't be going to any Texas parks soon!"Americans Against Hate"- seems kind of contradictory don't you think? My family is so used to this now that it doesn't even phase us. Ignorance reigns, and we have to be happy to live here. If people would actually educate themselves, they would be amazed at how similar the three monotheistic (yes, Muslims believe in God) really are. But we are human, and strive to find differences.

Some of you really hit it right. You have your bad apples in every bunch. I guess Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and the abortion lab bombers are Muslims right?

What you see in the media represents .0001% of Islam and true Muslims.
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Americans against hate boycotting Muslims?

Aren't they hating on Muslims?

Talk about your Bi-Polar views.

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Seems a bit off to me!
It was sarcasm, RatherGoodBear!
The protestors are not protesting about muslims in general. They are protesting the ICNA. There's a big difference. Protesting one group of muslims is not a protest against all muslims.
True, but in today's times the perception counts for a lot. When was the last time a Jewish or Christian, or even Hindu event was protested?

Being Muslim I do not see myself as a victim at all, I love this country. But I can not stand blatant ignorance.

...Actually, that last statement was a bit too defensive. There are some hardcore Christian organizations out there that do get protested.
Yes there are. Many times catholic groups are protested. Because I do not know anything about the ICNA, I do not know if this protest is warranted or not.*** This post was edited by PointMan 10/5/2007 5:10:18 PM ***
Actually there won't be any long lines for the pulled pork BBQ stands.

Have Fun


Why the bashing of Texas? the group of proteters are from Florida, we have a very large Muslim Pop. here and we do treat them with respect for the most part, this is what blows my mind, you all just assume that because it's in Texas, that a big group of cowboys and rednecks are goning to ride up on horses and four wheelers and start hanging people, sheesh.
I loathe to respond as a realize the religious fervor involved for so many when discussing issues that they rightly or wrongly perceive as racial. I only write the following to focus on critical thinking for which the article in question has made impossible. There is simply not enough data to determine who is telling the truth. I realize that this lack of data has not deterred many from opining...but I'll do my best to act as a counter-balance...

Where to start...? Shotgun answers to plethera of responses...

Disclaimer: As before...I make no judgements as to the credibility of either side...but rather point out that absent preconcieved bias, there is no way you can blame anybody from the fluff found in such a subjective article.

Or all CHRISTIANS for Hitler. He wasn't exactly a Buddhist.

Those predisposed to viewing the world through "isms" (racism, sexism, etc) love to through out all encompassing accusations. In this case one need only look at the article to find exactly what this group is protesting.

Exact quote...

  • "While we understand that the vast majority of American Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, the opposite is the case with ICNA," Mr. Kaufman wrote.

This kind of reminds me of the right wingers who protested gay day at the San Diego zoo. I think some people have too much time.

I can buy gay protests as something hateful. I'm not sure how this compares to a group protesting ICNA who some believe "funnel money to Hamas." If this is true...I'm glad somebody actually takes the time to enlighten us. Beats the alternative for which 9/11 was the result.

There must be a better way to protest terrorism than to ruin a day for families trying to have fun.

Pretty fair statement assuming AAH has no real evidence to support their accusations. How could anybody know from this article? If they indeed are funneling money to Hamas...I've no problem with this group interrupting the family fun day though...

Why are you making negative comments about Texas? The group arranging the protest is from Florida.

Do you really have to ask this? You are allowed to make fictitious judgements and generalizations about unprotected entities. Muslims are a protected entity for those predisposed to seeing everything through an ism. Christians, white males, and Texas are examples of entities that would fall outside protected status.

A group called Americans Against HATE is protesting a Muslim FAMILY day?

As bad as the article was in terms of objectivity and discernable data from which to make an informed opinion...I think it was clear that this AAH group was mereley protesting ICNA!

I'm amazed at the amount of stupidity here. These protesting morons have nothing to stand on other than the fact they're Muslim. They're saying Muslim == support terrorism.

Actually, this is not what they are saying at all. I'll post the quote again...

  • "While we understand that the vast majority of American Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, the opposite is the case with ICNA," Mr. Kaufman wrote.

It is you Jeff who is misrepresenting the words and thoughts of the protestors. They've said the opposite of what you accuse. I guess stupidity is the eye of the beholder...;)

Get a grip, Smith. You know this is hate-based.

No I don't know this. You've accused the protestors of being hateful based upon...?

For so many who view the world through isms it becomes impossible to maintain objectivity. Nothing in this article demonstrates hate. You've decided such is the case absent any evidence suggesting what you say is true.

Don't be naive. At what point did we start needing evidence in this country that someone is not a terrorist?

I don't think me or anybody has made judgments as to the innocence or guilt of the ICNA. But why would you be concerned with evidence anyhow? You are willing to castigate the AAH as hateful based upon nothing.

It's just ridiculous that people actually have to protest something like this. IMO, i honestly think it might have something to do with the culture in Texas. going to be a protest over this.

This is some great irony...considering the group is from Florida. The only objective data we've found in this whole thread so far is that those so prone to label racism have some among them that are willing to misquote and just outright ignore the article to support their opinion. I would hope for better...

Hey Putz, what's with the anti-Catholic generalizations?

This would be another example of an unprotected group. Judgments and generalizations are not wrong in and of themselves for those prone to the strangulation of isms.

In this particular case, Putz saw the words Muslim and protest. This was all that was needed. Throw the entire article and quotes aside. The game was on...news was made. And here we are defending Muslims and castigating Texas and Catholics.

The facts, or lack thereof, just do not matter. Any group that would dare protest any Muslim group has to be racist...right...? It can't be that there is a chance this Muslim group is not what it says...?

Anyhow, for those who are interested...Google the ICNA and see some of the stuff out there. There is enough out there to color any critical thinker confused. Regardless of what you determine to be true (I've no clue myself), it is pretty obvious that this particular article did not provide enough data to form the strong opinions and judgments demonstrated on this thread.

These strong opinions and judgments are preconcieved responses typical fom those so wrapped up in isms that they are incapable of acknowledging other possible causes for events. On coasterbuzz this typically involves the same cast of characters. The buzzword may be different (thug, crime, etc) than"Muslim"...but the reponses, misquotes, and general inability to correctly quote the article and/or to discern fact from opinion will remain the same.

I'm tired right now...that should keep some of you busy for a while as I eagerly await the "it was too long I didn't read it" punt! ;)

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A million roofles at anyone who thinks that Catholics were attacked in this thread in any shape or form.

The lack of reading comprehension skills in here are remarkable today.

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