Fight on the beast's loading platform.

So you assault them?

stoogemanmoe said:
When someone walks past me when I'm in line I clothesline them.

I'm partial to the piledriver and then go for the 3 count.

This shows how today is. We are all fight happy. As time goes on it will only get worst. It will slap everyone in the face when it finally happens at Disney World. Come on people do we need to fight at a happy place. Even if someone cuts you in line, is it worth getting so upset that you need to get aressted. I mean imagine the mark this leaves on children. We are showing them that yes it is ok to fight where ever and when ever you want.


^I believe the people who line jumped started the fight after being "called out" for line jumping.

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Neuski said:
So you assault them?

Only if they touch me. Otherwise, I wait for them to get to the station, they call a ride op over and let them know. Better yet I say "hey" They jumper turns around, I get their pic with my camera phone and go to customer relations, show them the pic, and tell them that this idiot has been line jumping everyplace. I don't like violence, but if someone i do not know touches me, I'm gonna react.

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That isn't what you originally said.

What is customer relations going to do with a picture of a line jumper? Scour the park? Please...

And how many line jumpers that have touched you have you "clotheslined"?

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Neuski said:
That isn't what you originally said.

What is customer relations going to do with a picture of a line jumper? Scour the park? Please...

And how many line jumpers that have touched you have you "clotheslined"?

One, because he pushed my Finace to get through the line. Got a problem with that?

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None. I would have done the same.
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Phew! Good answer, Neuski.

You were dangerously close to getting clotheslined! ;)

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Cool. See, I look at it this way, I pay money to get into a park, have a few laughs, have some fun with my Fiance, ride a few coasters. I observe the rules of the park. The jumpers can do the same. It won't kill them. If they want to cause trouble, then they should stay the heck out of the park. Those kind of peeps make me sick.

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This is hardly a new phenomenon. People have been assholes since the dawn of time. And they've been doing it as long as amusement parks have been around too.

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^Yep... ever since the day that Urk hit Grug over the head with his club when he tried to cut in front of him while standing in line to see the wheel that Zog invented.

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^LOL - I didn't think that came into play until they opened Six Rocks over Zogville. easy, a caveman could do it!

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This is not a line jumping, or fight story but one of general disrespect to property and fellow man. Since this seems to be what the thread has turned into.

A few years ago (before Hades) I was at Mt. Olypmus with some friends waiting in line for the Trojan horse go-karts.

It was soon to be our turn next, and the prevoius group was getting hearded back to the station.

At first I was turned talking to my friend when I start to hear carts slamming into each other. When I looked, it appeared to be just to younger "urban" kids and gave it the benefit of the doubt and that one missed the break. So did the 4-5 ride ops present.

Now keep in mind this is at the rear of the line of carts at the station so when one gets hit, the chain reaction continues...

Not too long after the first hit. I see what I assume are the kid's ADULT relatives file in. My memory serves me to say about 6 other adults.

NONE of them used their breaks and they litterally rammed the cars as they came in. Laughing in the process.

I looked around at the others waiting to ride and everyone in line that saw this had a look of shock or anger. The canopy was almost full.

Nothing happend at all! One ride op just shook his head. And the offending group sauntered off laughing as loud as they could. Knowing well enough what they were doing. The kids too.

I'm pretty sure a certain card would have been played if they were confronted. What a joke.

I was PISSED that there was no repercussion.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

I don't blame you for being pissed. The same thing has happened to me numerous times.

With theme parks charging more and more for what they consider to be a premium experience, I think more money should go towards line security. It's true- people are going to be assholes until the end of time- but that doesn't mean other people should have to put up with it. If security is afraid to confront people that line jump because they're outnumbered, then get more security people... or get security people that aren't afraid to do their jobs.

The local police don't hesitate to make a drug bust because they're going to be outnumbered. The bouncer at the club isn't going to refrain from tossing out a group of troublemakers because he is outnumbered. Why is it acceptable for amusement park security to turn the other way when something goes on that shouldn't be going on? Aren't you- the paying customer- supposed to expect a little order for the money you spend?

It is so sad how "devo-ed" we've come. Unlike some people out there, I feel bad when I bump into someone by accident. I hope those kids were arrested.

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Jeff, why is it you get a pass to use profanity on Coasterbuzz, but none of the rest of us do? Shouldn't you be setting the example?

Now onto business. I have a huge problem with clone1219. He expects the rest of us to speak up and use force, but he fails to think about two of the things he volunteered--his height and weight. That was a big mistake. You're 6'3" and 300lbs. In my book that qualifies you to be a bouncer or professional wrestler. No wonder you're not scared of kids half your size.

The majority of the population is nowhere near your size, and therefore have to use adequate judgement when eyeing up other kids. If I'm only 5'8" and 170 (according to the doctor's office today--scale must have been broken:)), that would put me at a significant disadvantage against the kids you mentioned. That's called making an intelligent decision, not needing to grow a pair, as you should delicately put it.

There is an advantage to having size. I'm similar to clone1219 (but not quite as heavy) so people generally think twice about confronting me in any way, but I realize that not all people are, as millrace frequently puts it, "freakishly huge". Therefore I'm not really in support of the "use force" technique, especially because that usually escalates things even further and creates things like brawls and riots.

Again, this is a problem the parks should be handling, especially as they make themselves out to be places for the entire family. Disney finds a way to keep their lines civilized, so why not other park operators?

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