Fav park smells

The Beast on a hot summer day. 

The cedar tunnels on the legend. 

Cedar Point french fries. 

The bakery on international street at PKI.

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Definatly the CP fries. Cedar Creek Mine Ride on a nice hot summer day is very nice.  The smell of funnel cakes and elephant ears.  Also there is that distinctive lake erie smell at Cedar Point (no not the smell of fish), thats hard to describe.

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I know what you mean Joe. Also, i love the smell of th efries at Mr. Potato. Down with Happy Friar!

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That misty smell from the fountains in the morning at PKI.

One nasty smell:  The smell of the seats, headrests and OTSRs on most coasters, especially if some sweaty wet guy who just got off the log ride is in front of you.

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ceder point, cedar point, cedar point.....
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1)  Chain grease....I can smell a coaster from about a mile away on a hot day just by the oh-so-pleasant aroma of the grease;  2)  Wooden coasters with sheds/tunnels, ravenguy hit it on the HEAD with Legend;  3)  the smell of the waffle cones/funnel cakes - fried dough is ALWAYS a big hit; and never forget, 4)  THE NUTTY BAVARIAN - how can you go wrong with cinnamon&sugar coasted almonds/walnuts/pecans?  5)  The mist from the fountains in the morning is also excellent, and only improves the Paramount experience! 
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At SFOT:  The very distinct smell of "jennite" (spelling is probably incorrect) on a hot summer day.  Jennite is the tar-like coating that covers the asphalt sidewalks at SFOT.  It has a very distinct smell when it warms up, especially if it has been recently replaced.  I have always thought of it as the official "smell" of SFOT.
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Cedar Point french fries, definitely

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Ghostrider smells really good...and with the chicken going up the lift hill...it smells even better! I also like the smell of popcorn, especially at Disneyland.

I love the smell of the pine trees when standing in line for Ninja and Superman at SFMM. Especially first thing in the morning when they are wet. Also the smell of those funnel cakes is a great way to end your day.

What's the worst line at SFMM you ask? The line for the funnel cakes at Suzette's bakery at about 8 pm.

Mostly, I love the smell of: French Fries, Funnel Cakes, Cotton Candy. It just sets the mood for the whole day.

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What's the worst line at SFMM you ask? The line for the funnel cakes at Suzette's bakery at about 8 pm.

OMG, your not kidding. That is the perfect place for a last minute funnelcake. I know that place makes alot of money.

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My favorite smell is the mixture of funnel cakes/cotton candy and that destinct smell of ashpalt mixed.  Very prevalent at SFSTL.  (I'm sure it's elsewhere too, I just notice it there more)  Chain grease is a close second.
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One night on Magnum's turnaround, I smelled a burning fire from camper village. I love that smell!

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The smell of Lake Erie hitting your face when you crest Magnum's second hill, the sulfur off the bay driving down the Causeway, and the roasting nuts, or almonds on Cedar Point's midway, french fries.
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The french frys at SFGRAM, The musty smell of the Den Of Lost Theves at IB.
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      At SFWoA when in line for the Big Dipper you can smell the track grease everytime, I love it. However, the best smells are during Oktoberfest! The smell of sausage, fries, gyros and all that other great greasy foods fill the air across the park.
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Cedar Point & Kennywood Potato Patch Fries! :) Also Oktoberfest at SFWoA is filled with nice smells as the carnival style food stands are open for business. The fry stand was pretty good this year at Oktoberfest AND Fright Frest, since the park wanted to keep some of the vendors for Fright Fest.

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The Big Dipper (SFWoA) smells of it pretty strong, then it delivers your special bruises in the best way!

And in the cue at SFGAm for The EAGLE! Oooooh yes, LOTS of good grease - then a great ride!

FUNNEL CAKES - I never eat the things....but the smell just says "Coasters nearby!" to me! ...so I love it.

The ROASTED NUTS are a nice addition too!

The OLD WOODEN CABINS at CP have a great earthy smell that makes me think "I could LIVE here!"

The FISH TANKS!  "Huh?" you may ask? I mean the Sea World part of SFWoA! It really added a great olifactory element to a spectacular weekend! You should have seen Live4MF's face when she was feeding raw fish to the seals! HAhahahaaaaaa! What a great park!


the smell of my hands after that.....ewww....

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All of IOA. And I would have to say chain grease

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