Eye candy: Flight of Fear without shoulder restraints

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Here's is the photographic evidence you wanted regarding Paramount's Kings Dominion's Flight of Fear. Now, you can do without the head banging:

Visit Sam A. Marks for the photos.

[CoasterBuzz has confirmed that the same arrangement with lap bars has been made at Kings Island on their Flight of Fear. -J]

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I,ve been on a loopingcoaster without OTSR's. It was a Shwartzkopft(sp?) traveling coaster at the Canadian National Exhibition... Pretty interesting! :)
Good to hear the same has been done at PKI, I am visiting the park later this year and will be glad there will be no headbaging, I really was'nt looking forward to that at all. Another great thing to look forward too on my trip, I cant believe it just gets better and better all the time:):)
Let's hope this becomes an industry trend.

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I think it will scare the pants out of first timers, the will see no OTSR's and think it dosn't flip.....boy are they in for it! On the other hand im shure i would fly right out of those things in a heartbeat!

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Reports from the past weekend at Kings Dominion have indicated a lot of preference-realignment with the changes to Flight of Fear.

I hate to say "I told you so," but...well, dammit, I did! :)

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
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Aw man! And I didn't renew my PKI pass!
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Dave A. should be a happy camper, feeling vindicated with his notion that OTSR's are not necessary for looping coasters.

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I agree, Jeff. I have been somewhat vocal for years about my belief that no inversions (with MAYBE one or two exceptions) require OTSRs. It's SO nice to see what Paramount has done with FOF. Now, let's get SF on the phone and kindly ask them to do the same with Chiller, Mr Freeze, and about 30 other coasters!

- Peabody
What About Flashback & Revolution @SFMM?

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I nominate Shockwave at SFGAm!!!!!!!

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I've always thought it strange that loopers, with less emphasis on air-time (exception of Magnum), as opposed to woodies--where you are getting thrown out of your seat, would use OTSRs. I think if lapbars are sufficient for woodies, then perhaps they are sufficient for smoother steel rides. Besides, Schwarzkopf's Shuttle Loops never had OTSRs.

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WOOOOO HOOOOO I cant wait to ride fof.
I am going to PKD on Saturday and have never ridden FoF before. I think that the lap bars will definitely improve the head banging, but I like the OTSR's for some reason. Although, those lapbars do look comfortable.

HypersonicXLC Rocks!!!!
I wonder who paid the bills for the change. If I were Paramount I might have tried to get Premier to pay all or most of the cost, since the ride has caused discomfort to a lot of people. I'm very curious to see if they did the same thing to Joker's Jinx since one of my last times there in October they had removed all the trains and were transporting the cars to a location near the overflow parking lot. We'll all know more next week.
I had the good fortune of riding Flight of Fear yesterday. And yes, the ommission of those horrible "OTSR's" have done magic for this once abusive ride. I'm a fan of the wild and out of control ride. However, Tylenol no longer needs to make the visit to PKD with the pleasant and comfortable addition of the lap bars.

Unfortunately, HypersonicXLC was not in operation while I was there yesterday. I was informed that it was due to the "adding" of cars/trains to the ride; why would this not be done during non-visiting hours?
I thought that Premier originally gave made the trains to be lap-bar only, but Paramount changed the trains at the last minute (A couple of years ago, you sould still see a FoF car with lap bars in the graveyard in the back of the park.) If this is true, then I am sure Paramount paid for the change.
I'm glad they didn't remove the OTSR's on the Demon at SFGAm. Everyone on the ride would have perished in that accident where the train got stuck in the second of 2 corkscrew loops. Now that's a ride!


Bill, that smiley face made me wonder if you are kidding or not. (The Demon got stuck in the vertical loop, not the corkscrew.) Believe it or not, it happened once on a Shwarzkopf shuttle in Europe I believe. It got stuck upside down without OTSRs, and no one was hurt or killied. I forget which coaster it was, Thunder Looper?
- Peabody
Those restraints look a lot like Son of Beast`s only orange. I just hope my legs don`t move violently or I`ll have bruises. this looks like it has the potential now to being a smooth, extreme coaster! Maybe now my sister will ride it, (She`s not riden it becuase of all the people walking off rubbing their heads.

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