El Paso mayor in Cleveland shopping for roller coasters

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Last week, two of El Paso Mayor John Cook's aides were in Cleveland checking out the state-of-the-art Cedar Point amusement park -- and a roller coaster that's for sale there.

Read more from The El Paso Times.

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The El Paso reporter told me in an e-mail that he understands there is another Cedar Point (Fair) amusement park in the vicinity and that it might have been that one.
That makes more sense.

But hey, it was still good for a chuckle...like this one.

Who cares with how many people ride a given ride, ridership has nothing to do with the symbolic inversions over the midway.

Sure, it does! Especially when they're maintaining a older mid-size coaster of the same variety that other parks--sister parks included--have plowed into scrap.

- 'Playa

Well Geauga Lake makes sense, they have to make room for the hyper, right? ;) Other than Dominator and the woodies, they can take their pick.
I don't think Corkscrew is going anywhere. They just put seatbelts on the thing! ;)
If it's GL, it wouldn't surprised me if it's the boomerang. There is already rumors that the monorail is gone after this season. The rest of the old water park will be gone. Remove that POS Head Spin and you got a nice plot of land.

I honestly can't see anything being removed from CP but stranger things have happened.


your logic doesn't add up. The article says it'sa coaster for sale. There's no way the press could get something like that wrong.

oh, and, uh, just in case... ;)

Since Magnum is sinking, seems the logical choice.


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Lol Jomo. Bye bye Mean Streak...Can't I dream. I know Corkscrew is a classic, but I could see it going, as well as, Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Especially since all that surveying and landmarking has been going on around CCMR. They may need to clear land for whatever is going on in that area.

But leave Wildcat alone! That coaster rocks!

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Well, if I was Cedar Fair and trying to differentiate the Point from Geauga, one being a thrill park and one being a family park, I'd probably be interested in shedding some of the teen-demographic-oriented rides at GL.

Look at how Kennywood and Idlewild coexist. There's a reason that there's no B&M speeder on all the land they have at Idlewild.

If they truly want two parks that don't compete with eachother that much, and if they truly want GL to be a family park, I'd lose X-Flight, Head Spin, and/or Dominator.

Out of the three, I'd want to keep the B&M in the CF family. The Vekomas are obviously going to be trouble over the long run, and I'd rather sell them off than keep them in the family.

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Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall could be going. Just a thought.
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If anything is going, it will be from Geauga Lake. My guess would be Headspin or SerialThunderHawkThriller. Hopefully it won't be Batmaninator or X-Flight. :-/

I don't see Cedar Point selling ANY of their coasters. They need to try to keep the world record, afterall. ;-)

Wildcat is very popular, and Corkscrew just looks too pretty and photogenic. NONE of those coasters are going anywhere anytime soon.


I don't have the first clue what is going on but some of the logic displayed here baffles me. Some say they won't sell coasters that have been recently painted. I don't know about any of you (most of you probably aren't homeowners) but I always paint my house before I try to sell it.

Some say they won't sell a coaster, even if ridership is low, because that coaster might be asthetically appealing. You've got to be kidding me!

This may surprise some people.

How about the Double Loop? Nobody has mentioned that one and I can definately see that one leaving GL.
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Mr. Hyde's Nasty First-Gen POS and/or HeadSpin are gone....they're both in *prime location* as far as visibility from the road, and new additions ALWAYS look best when you can see them from outside the front gates (see: S:UF at GAdv, GAm, new Beemer at SFoG, etc., etc.).

I'd get rid of BOTH....but I never had a use for a Boomerang....would a first-gen drop *count* as a coaster in El Paso? ;)

Since when is Cedar Point in Cleveland?

If you live in Texas, it may as well be.

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Guys, it SAYS Cedar Point! They wouldnt get the park name wrong!
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Here's an idea: Perhaps the author of the news article was slightly mistaken? Maybe they went to test out a coaster MODEL that is currently running at CP with the thought of possibly buying a similar model for the El Paso park?
If it's CP. mine ride will go construction markers are all around.
If it's GL. I'd have to say Head Spin.
something with how ohio does zipcodes makes it possiable for CP to be in cleveland. i live about 10minutes from CP, and any mailing i get that comes from major companies, bills, etc is adressed to my name adress CLEVELAND, OH and then my zip
Isn't there an indoor amusement park in Cleveland, IPX or something that has a small coaster? Could they be upgrading and looking to get rid of their current installation? There's an absolute myriad of possibilities people, and it's a reporter from far away that probably doesn't know a corkscrew and a lift hill from a hole in the ground.

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