El Paso mayor in Cleveland shopping for roller coasters

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Last week, two of El Paso Mayor John Cook's aides were in Cleveland checking out the state-of-the-art Cedar Point amusement park -- and a roller coaster that's for sale there.

Read more from The El Paso Times.

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"Cook said he thought Thomson was invited."

That's what he SAID, huh? LOL! Clearly some folks on the council are NOT enamored of Pat Thomson for some reason...

I wonder which coaster is for sale?
Since when is Cedar Point in Cleveland?

And as for the coasters, IMHO the only possible ones that could be relocated would be the Corkscrew and Wildcat, and I have a hard time picturing them taking out the Corkscrew.
Unless it's Junior Gemini or Woodstock Express?

Ok, they were either near Cleveland and they were checking out CP, or they were in Cleveland and weren't checking out CP...not both.

If they truly mean that one of CP's coasters is for sale **cough**DT**cough** rather than a Geauga Lake coaster, this would could be a very interesing development. I wonder if Kinzel wants to rid the park of the 2nd of two mistakes he's quoted as making during his tenure at Cedar Point. (the other being not buying Geaga Lake before Six Flags did)

My first two bets would be Corkscrew or Wildcat also. But, even though they recently repainted it, how about Iron Dragon?
The big question is are they talking about GL or CP?
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Kinzel made a mistake by allowing SF to buy Geauga Lake? Seems to me CF made a killing by allowing SF to take over, POUR in capital, then sell it at a HUGE loss to CF....not that even Kinzel could have foreseen SF's shortsightedness....or COULD he? ;)
I can't see Wildcat or Iron Dragon going anywhere. Both rides are family faves and have new paint jobs. Disaster Transport would have to be the choice - it is in a part of the park they are trying to revitalize and it certainly ruins the view over there.

If they are talking aboiut Geauga Lake - I could definitely see Head Spin being for sale!

They've recently repainted all of those coasters, actually. I don't see why they would remove any of those three though. They simply don't take up that much space. Corkscrew is a signture ride with it's corkscrews over the midway, Wildcat's plot of land is miniscule, and Iron Dragon is in a fairly tight footprint between Mantis and Dragster. Removing it doesn't seem like it would do much for that part of the park. Future development in that general area of the park would be a "no-no" in my opinion. Isn't that enough of a concrete jungle already?

CCMR could be a possibility. I would mention Mean Streak, but who the hell would want that? ;)

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Iron Dragon is a terrain coaster, can't imagine how silly it would look on a flat piece of land.
Wildcat seems the obvious choice to me. It is a portable coaster to begin with so moving it and re-erecting it wouldn't be a huge deal. It's also the kind of coaster that a lot of small amusement parks/FECs tend to gravitate to. Plus is has fairly low capcity for a Cedar Point-type park.

Corkscrew is pretty much a symbol of the park and I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be upset if it suddenly disappeared.

But who knows if one of Cedar Point's rides is really for sale. I've it best to take most mass media news articles like this with a grain of salt. They've messed up the truth often enough in the past to make me wary of believing every word.

I doubt Corkscrew will go since the plot of land it's on is fairly small and a large portion is over the midway.

Maybe if Wildcat is for sale, it will be replaced with one of the many thrilling, yet compact coasters that are offered by many designers, such as the Euro-Fighter or a spinning coaster.

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Maybe it's not a coaster they're looking at. Maybe it's not even the park in the Cleveland area they're looking at.
I'm guessing either Raptor, Magnum, or Millennium Force.
I bet they were at CP to purchase the secret recipe for that CP Classic food:

ChesseOn A Stick!


CPgenius - they could be both near and in at the same time as with they flew in to Cleveland airport and went to a park near Cleveland.

And as for Corkscrew, sure it is a symbol, but what if they put something in its place that had the same corkscrews over the midway, would people complain then?

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A symbol? More people ride the Corkscrew than Wicked Twister or Mantis.

More people ride Iron Dragon than Millennium Force.

They're both still Top Ten CP rides. For the last time: They aren't for sale.


onceler, I was commenting on the way the article is worded. It said that they were in Cleveland checking out Cedar Point. If they were physically at the park then they were obviously not in Cleveland, but near it. They could, however, have had the meeting in Cleveland and not actually gone to the park. Hence I stand by my original statement.
Who cares with how many people ride a given ride, ridership has nothing to do with the symbolic inversions over the midway. I was mainly referring to ThemeDesigner who said he had "a hard time picturing them taking out the Corkscrew."

...and when was the first time you said they weren't for sale? Then again, we all could be missing the boat on this one, they are probably looking to purchase Magnum.. with it sinking and all.

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