Does a song remind you of a park?

I know this is weird, but one year when I was a kid and we went to Cedar Point, the song "Turn Around Bright Eyes" was playing on the radio as we entered the parking lot and now whenever I hear that song it takes me back to that point in time.

I don't know why. It was not the first time that I was to The Point. It was the first year for Demon Drop in the early 80's. It was testing and other rides were testing and everyone was coming in. Just a busy day at The Point. Hearing that old song brings back that vision of the park like it was yesterday. No other song does that for any other park or any other place.

I know is weird, but does this happen to anyone else?

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The Batman theme makes me think of Six Flags Great America as does "Party Man" by Prince :)

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When I here Linkin Park's "In The End" I think about Gadv. Now with the winter light show coming, It's going to be hard to think about Christmas when I here Jingle Bells.

Also Big Thymers "Oh Yeah" Reminds me of The hulk more than IOA.

Explains why i'm up at 4am in the morning. Too scaried to sleep!

Oh yeah, ha ha ha, If you listen to "I See Stars" by DJ Mystic at any park (while staring a coaster) , you could swear your in a Badnitros(sp?) POV. "I See Stars" was used for Deja Vu in the SFMM Xtreme park video.

Explains why i'm up at 4am in the morning. Too scaried to sleep!

There are a lot of songs I associate with rides because of Iain Hendry's videos on Coasters2k...

Easy examples:

* Yahel - Sugar 1 & Jose Padilla - Who Do You Love? (Chicane Mix) (Millennium Force)
* Agnelli & Nelson - Every Day (Batman: KF)
* Vincent de Moor - Shamu (Armin van Buuren Mix) (Shockwave/any Mondial Top Scan)
* Silverblue - Step Back (Vocal Mix) (X)
* Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Alpengeist)

and so on...

I know the original question posed asks about a song reminding you of a park, but I have to tell you that I have a song that reminds me of a ride. The song is "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down. The ironic part is that it doesn't remind me of any S:RoS coasters, but rather another mammoth Intamin coaster...Millennium Force. I made my first (and only) trip to CP in May of 2000. At that time, Krytonite was one of the hottest songs on the radio and one of my favorite songs. Well during my visit to CP, I rode MF 3 times and while standing in line for at least 1 hr each time, they played that song at least a dozen times. Now everytime I hear that song, I think of MF. Sometimes I even have to catch myself because I want to call it the Millennium Force song.

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Actually, this'll tell ya something about my age...."Jet" by Paul McCartney and Wings, reminds me of a certain oceanside pier/park in NJ...the song used to play A LOT, and it reminds me in particular of the Himalya ride (called Swiss Bob at the time, IIRC).....

jimmy eat world - sweetness reminds me of thorpe park. i went to see JEW one night and went to thorpe park the next day and just had this song stuck in my head all day long and was singing it in Qs and on rides all day.

I remember driving down to KI (yep, before the P) in the family station wagon, mid-70's, hearing "Rock and Roll Music" by the Beach Boys and "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band over and over and over during the 6 hour drive through Indiana. And, of course, the theme song to "The Banana Splits."

"Life in the Fast Lane" on the way to Old Chicago.

My sister singing "Rock the Boat" (you know, rock the boat, don't rock the boat,baby, rock the boat, don't tip the boat over..) on the Ferris Wheel at Enchanted Forest - the 70's again!

One year, the d.j. was playing "Good Times, Bad Times" by Zeppelin in the Magnum line. I always remember being in line for it when I turn it on. I don't know why either. I mean there's been so many other songs I've heard in lines.
Unbelievable by EMF reminds me of the Raging Bull at SFGAm as well as SFGAm in general.
Well sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band reminds me of busch gardens willamsburg because we saw this huge beatle land on my friends shoulder in line for alpengeist and me being a big beatles fan whipped out my cd player and hooked up these portable little speakers in my backpack and cranked the cd for people in line.(I played lucy in the sky with diamonds alot in line for big bad wolf.)

This is a message from don corleone it says lucabratzi sleeps with the fishes.

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lol, I thought I was weird for having a "song" too. I remember this specificly. When I was driving to SFGAm for the first time for the 99' season, the song "Beautiful Stranger" by Modana was playing. Then for the first time, I saw Raging Bull. Ever since then, that song has been the Raging Bull song.


Yeah, quite a few 50's songs remind me of Opryland. Having worked there, I knew the words to every one they played (and the song order). Of course I dislike 50's music to this day.
Mainly, all the songs from the Six Flags Great America commercials, are what remind me of SFGAm, 'cause I've seen them so many times they're stuck in my head. lol ;)

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A Dios Le Pido always makes me think of asking for a roller coaster in San Andreas

And Juancho makes me think about Six Flags over Texas quite a bit. Mabye that is because it is the only American park that Cabas has been too, but his priority isn't America since his market is the other half of the globe.

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This is waaay out there but Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" from the early 80's always reminds me of Kings Island (before the "P") as it was a hit song during the time we went down there, especially as we drove past the park on the way to our hotel.

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"Turn the beat around, got to feel the passion. Turn it up side down..."

That song reminds me of Raptor

"The opposite of war isn't peace, its creation," Rent.

All of Dolly's songs remind me of Dollywood, of course.

California Dreamin reminds me of Knott's Berry Farm.

"The fish are eating the guest, sir

I listened to Eminem's version of Sing for the Moment all the way to CP this year. Now, that song reminds me of riding Wicked Twister for the first time.

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