Does a single login system interest you?

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I have a question for you all that isn't really coaster related. Are you interested in CoasterBuzz having what we call in the biz a federated login system? In other words, you would be able to use Google, Yahoo, LiveID and perhaps Facebook to login to your account here. Would you use that?

I realize that a lot of you login once, check the box, and never think about it again for six months, but I'd like your feedback.

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I'm of the group that checks it and forgets it. I honestly don't see the need... it's not at all inconvenient the way it is. Just seems like more unnecessary info that Facebook and the rest can get their hands on.


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I can take it or leave it.

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Yeah, I can't personally see that that would make any difference to me.

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I rarely use federated login options, though I'm not sure I have a good reason why not.

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I like it the way it is. Just sayin'.


I also like it the way it is. But, then again I don't like change.

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It strikes me that if I am already registered on the site, I have already overcome the main reason I would enjoy it (not signing up for a new account or not wanting to give out personal information).

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I pretty much agree with everyone here; it's not necessary. Plus, I really don't care to broadcast to all my Facebook friends that "Mike has posted in a thread on CoasterBuzz." In my opinion, the less like Facebook an online forum is, the better.

I am also in the camp of "set it and forget it".
I am also probably the last living human not on Facebook.

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I don't like it when Facebook integrates with everything.

I'm not necessarily interested, but also not opposed to it.

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I don't want Facebook to know of my unhealthy interest in left-handed, octogenerian, Armenian goatherders in scuba gear. It's okay if you guys know, but not Facebook.

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To be clear, FB would just be used as a means to confirm who you are, so you don't need a separate login. Ditto for use with Google, Yahoo or LiveID. It's not really "integration."

It occurs to me that the bigger win is for people who have not signed up here before, because they don't need to. You would just sign-in with whatever you have. Maybe that's the question I should have asked... Are you more likely to use other sites for the first time if they have those options available? Research indicates the Internet using public as a whole see this as one less barrier, but roller coaster nerds aren't really the public at large.

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My biggest problem is Facebook someone can figure out who I am and if I post I am going to a park on a specific weekend(or to holiwood nights,the fall affair,boobuzz, etc.) here .Crooks might know I am out of town (and my address) with a little online searching.

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I'm pretty sensitive to the stalkerish behaviors of others, so I wouldn't want to use a Facebook login. The way CoasterBuzz does it now works great for me. If there was a way to opt out from letting Facebook stick their nose into any of my actions here, it wouldn't bother me.

Funny thing though... I was looking for a "Like" button to click on a lot of the posts above that I agreed with. lol


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I love the single login concept and have used it in a few other places. Whether it would be appealing to new users or not, I have no idea. As others have said, I just check the box and stay logged in at CoasterBuzz, and that works fine for me.

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I think it's fine how it is, Bozman, I don't have "The facebook" either!!!

JoshuaTBell said:
I think it's fine how it is, Bozman, I don't have "The facebook" either!!!

I have a Facebook account...but I rarely look at it and have little clue how to use it.

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I see that mentioning that Facebook would have no role beyond confirming your login, and even then, only if you wanted to use it, has no bearing on the fear people have of the Internets.

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