DejaVu leaving SFOG?

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I've been to Six Flags Over Georgia multiple times and have never seen the coaster operating. Now I hear it is leaving the park. Is this true?

If the coaster is removed, where will it go?

inb4 Michigan's Adventure. ;)
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"Where will it go?"

Probably to recyclers, along with the other Vus...

Kinda ironic to have this come up with the "Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon" thread sitting right long until some of these uber-low-capacity rides DO become upcharges *just* to lower ridership to the level of achievable capacity?

Screamscape says a person saw a group of people looking at it (like buyers I'm guessing). It also could be Vekoma workers, or higher ups.
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rollergator said: long until some of these uber-low-capacity rides DO become upcharges *just* to lower ridership to the level of achievable capacity?

Don't give Shapiro any more ideas or people might have heart attacks.

Well remember,it is screamscape claiming this after all but don't be suprised if SFOG does decide to get rid of the vu any way.

You know how Shapiro isn't one to allow rides with chronic downtime to remain in the park for very long,anyone remember how quickly Iron Eagle got yanked due to it's frequent downtime when Shapiro & Co. took over?

Probably better that it goes!

I for one was not expecting to ride it, although I wanted to but due to my height I was over the 6'4" rule that I thought was still in effect. But to my surprise I did get to ride it at SFoG and ended up never wanting to ride it again. It's just a bad ride to me, just like the boomerangs (obviously, lol).

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I wouldn't be surprised if all three of them are removed. The maintenance is horrendous. When will other parks follow more swiftly? Rides depreciate, lose interest and become more expensive to maintain over time (like a car) why not clear the way for something new and marketable?

I'd hate to see some of my older favorites go, but if ridership as down and costs are up, I see no other reason to keep them.

I don't see how Over Georgia can't keep theirs open when Magic Mountain is able to do that on a daily basis for over 2 years now.
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It would have to go to a family owned park or something because surely Cedar Fair nor Busch are stupid enough to buy it.......

Or are they..........;)

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Agent Johnson said:Bye.

Succinct. ;)

Not only is the ride a big headache, I think they are just damn dangerous.

I rode Great America's a few weeks ago (twice, empty seats...) and I had to hold my legs/knees back so the seat in front of me didn't swipe me!

Not to mention just a cruddy piece of engineering.

If Intamin built it, probably pull you up the back end, then have LIM's on the other end, it would work well.

And who the hell ever thought up that gawd awful seating pattern?

I believe it was originally supposed to have LIMs. Unfortunately, that's (apparently) easier said than done.

I love Deja Vu. I think it's a great ride, and easily the best thrill at SFGAm. SFoG seems to have a rougher time with their ride than SFMM or SFGAm. So even if SFoG's is indeed in danger, I wonder if we're jumping the gun a bit on the other two.

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I rode the one at SFOG and SFGAm and thought they were great. The wait at both parks was only about 15 mins which wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Anyway I think it's on its way out. Screamscape is right alot more than its wrong, people just like to pick on Lance.
I totally agree that Deja Vu is SFGAM's best ride hands down. It's very smooth, but scares the crap out of you in the process. The 'holy crap!' moment of the reverse lift sitting in the front row is still one of my favorite memories of SFGAM last year.
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Do you think SF will keep it in the chain?
I was just at SFOG about a month ago, and was fortunate enough to ride Deja-Vu.

I have always enjoyed the one at SFGAm and the Chicago park seems to have the ride up and running on a daily basis now.

If the DV's have to go, I say replace them with Mr. Freezes. (I know , those are problematic to, but it's the best shuttle coaster IMO).

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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^ I love premier launchers, so I agree on the shuttle coaster.

Speaking of coasters "biting the dust", has Flashback yet? I know Psyclone is gone but what is Flashback's status?

^ Flashback is still standing.

I was at the park yesterday...and let's just say I won't be back again this year and probably for 2008 as well.

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