Decided to look through some older topics. Some pipe dreams are now reality!

To avoid reviving a REALLY old thread, made my own. But I found this in the depths of the CoasterBuzz history:

16 years too early. Lightning Rod is finally showing signs of opening up proper, Alton Towers is rumored to be getting a magnetic launched woodie to stay within noise tolerances, and magnetic brakes are the new industry standard.

Also got a good laugh at reading the skepticism about the yet to be ridden GCI Millennium Flyers. (This was its own thread)

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I was going to say thanks, audi0c0aster1, but we rely on Gonch for links to ancient posts.
Ok, they're usually self serving, but occasionally relevant and timely as well. Like these. I knew he wouldn't disappoint.

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RCMAC said:

Ok, they're usually self serving, but occasionally relevant and timely as well.

Even if it's not readily apparent, I'm always serving the greater good.

No idea why the link is broken. Sorry about that, first post on here. (I have commented a few times over on PB) Is there something I should know about formatting so that doesn't happen again?

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I have no idea why the link broke when you posted.

Looks like you pasted the URL correctly, but it actually goes to a URL where the /Forums/ part is missing.


Well thanks for telling me I at least posted it right!

It is broken due to how you formatted the physical path in your URL. You put "../../Topic/a-lim-woodie--why-not" which moves you two directories back making it look for the /Topic folder in the directory. It can not find it and returns a 404 because the /Topic folder is in the /Forums directory. Try editing your post and using either the whole URL or "../Topic/a-lim-woodie--why-not" which will move you one directory back to /Forums where the /topics directory looks to reside. Either one should resolve the issue.

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