Is it possible to make a launched wood coaster?

Is it possible to make a  launched wood coaster?

Would it be possible to use LIM's or would it have to be something like the Incredible Hulk's launch system?

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Should be. You might need steel bracing to endure the back-force, though.
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Sure, but it would have to be one smooth ride, I'd guess an out-n-back design would work WAY better than a twister...unless you run a chiropractor's office...
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SOB has tires after the brake run that sort of "luanch" the train, not to much though.

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While it's possible to do LIM's or LSM's on a woodie, the clearances have to be very exact.  The fins have to maintain an exact distance bewteen the LIM's for them to work right and wooden rollercoasters are constantly changing with the weather so the clearances continually change. Collosos in Germany uses magnetic breaks, which also requires similar clearances as LIM's so it can be done.  Much easier would be a Hulk like tire launch.

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I don't see why not.... but ouch!
I don't know if Ouch is the right way to think about it....launch it to 50 or 60mph....that's how fast many CCI and GCI woodies go and no one complains about them being rough.  The launch would be different, yes, but the rest of the ride would be exactly like any well constructed woodie rides. 


That would be fun!  If it could be made, i bet it would one of the best rides in the world.
That would be Great if a park opened up a coaster like that.If it could be done it should be done on a out and back coaster first. but a twister wouldent be so bad aswell i mean think of being in a wooden coaster car and being launched at 50mph-6mph and then making a large left hand turn and up then into a twisting drop then it could use its own momentum the rest of the ride,sounds good to me ,lets see how long it takes before we see one.
I think it would be more likely on an Intamin Plug 'n' Play Woodie such as Colossos at Heide Park.  Because it rides like a steel coaster as a result of it's unique assembly it would be quite easy to make a launched version.  The fact does remain however - why would a park want that?  Wouldn't it be much better to go for a much cheaper launched steel ride?
That is about the width(IN REAL LIFE) that the fins must go thru in order get the effects from the LIMs.  I don't think wooden coasters stay true to the track enough to keep the fins in that very narrow slot.  And if they didn't, either 1.) The train wouldn't accelerate and/or 2.)  If the train moved a centimeter to the side it [the fins] would hit the LIM and damage it.  There may be other ways LIMs could be worked in possibly, but not the way they currently are on steel coasters.  I'm not sure how air launch works, but that would seem more feasible.

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PKI has a launched woodie, its called the Beastie. Whoo! Coming out of that station really pumps up the adrenaline!
I know of a particular wooden coaster in Aurora, Ohio that was put to the "launch" test! Anyone remember that? :)
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Actually with slight bit of cheating the GP would never notice, the alignment problem goes away.

The slight bit of cheating is use metal rails in the launch portion, similar to the loop on SOB. Problem solved. If I can come up with a solution that works perfectly in 30 seconds, someone at a manufacturer has thought of the same solution. Therefore I conclude that no one wants to buy one, or they would exist.

Or maybe they're just really expensive.  Or maybe park officials don't think that the time is right for one.  Or maybe there are other improvements that they want to make first.  Or maybe no park thinks it will succeed in drawing crowds.  Or maybe no one has given a good sales pitch for one yet.

These are temporary problems and they might be solved in the future.  It would be great if they were.

If I am not mistaken the rails on Sonny's loop are in fact wood just like the rest of the rails, they are supported by steel but I think they are wood, although I have been wrong before.
Does CCI know how to make a bad coaster?
Of course it is. The question is if it is possible to maintain it and keep it running.  Just strap on the Lims and offff we go.
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yes, the rails on SOB are wood all the way around, otherwise it wouldn't be a wood coaster.  The supports on the loop are steel, cause to build them out of wood would have been insanely expensive and an engineering nightmare.  A wood launched coaster would do the same thing at the station, using steel supports in the station but still having a wood track
But, wouldn't wood track in the station prevent the launching? I really don't know of any wood coasters that have steel rails anywhere, though there may be one (besides Gemini, that is :) )

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Why would wood track prevent launching?  As long as the clearances are kept tight and accurate, there should be no problems.


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