LIM woodie possible?

Is a LIM launch wooden roller coaster possible?  I know a lot about roller coaster, but this one i'm stuck on.
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Why wouldn't it be?  Perhaps I am a fool, but I would think that the plates that sit on the side of the car (to propel it forward with the LIMs) would be out of the way, as long as the entire track were built for it.  It should be fairly simple.  The only thing I could think that might hinder it would be a safety issue with the track being built a tiny bit above the structure to keep the plates from striking anything or anyone.  Again, I am just guessing.  I don't design coasters for a living....
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Would be an interesting concept. CP, there is your woodie and LIM coaster at the same time

Of course, it might hurt since a woodie is rough already.
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A woodie without a clanking lift hill? What's the world coming to? ;)

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I really don't have a clue, if they can incorperate a loop on a woodie, why not LIM's, i just thought of that and instead of wood supporting the launch area metal and using a wooden track.
I think if possible, it would be very difficult... When dealing with LIMs if the plates on the trains are off by a few millimeters it can really screw them up, and with wood being natually more bend-ful than steel if could be a big problem...
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Why would you want an LIM woodie?
I think its possible, but what would be so thrilling about it.
I dont think its possible.  What if the LIMs got to hot and the wood caught fire :)

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a B&M lim woddie with at steel structure launched at 80 mph set up like shivering timbers with lots of air time hills and an awssome helix Sounds great . i could have a modified B&M sit down trains

Xtremerider86 said:
I dont think its possible.  What if the LIMs got to hot and the wood caught fire
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You have a good point, but i'm sure who ever thought of the idea or thinks we figure that stuff out.  And i don't think a woodie can go any faster than SOB ouch!

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There is no technical reason why an LIM woodie couldn't be built.  As someone mentioned above, track gaging would be critical in the LIM section.  Marketing the strange beast would be interesting though.

If you get an LIM hot enought to ignite the wood track, the inside of the coils would have long since been toast.

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Sure...why not do it? Here's a novel thought: Using a LIM means that you can eliminate the chain clutch, right? Also, why not go all the way and use magnetic brakes on the thing? There is a method to my madness here.

Use a PTC-style chassis, but do not equip it with brake fins. Instead, mount steel-backed aluminum reaction plates on the bottom of the car on the frame rails where skid brake linings would otherwise be mounted. Replace the chain clutch assembly with a single anti-rollback dog in the center of the track. Then use single-sided LIMs or LSMs...LSMs might work better since they allow for a larger airgap...mounted flat on the track ties. That way the vertical alignment problems associated with horizontal fins are eliminated, and the horizontal alignment problems of vertical fins are also eliminated. Not the most efficient way to do it (I think DSLIMs are more efficient), but it ought to work.

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That would be onw ROUGH wood coaster.
I agree Rideman, but the force is so great on the breaking would would you use to propel the coaster it might cause havick on that section of the ride.  When breaking.

I didn't say remove the chian lift, chain will forever be a rollercoaster way of geting up.  I'm talking about launch's

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I think one day it probably will be done but it would be one extreme woodie. It would probably be made with steel supports or very strong wood like SOB's. It would be cool though.
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Rideman, nice to see a thoughtful answer.  I like the idea you have.  Perhaps someone who is in development at CCI or Premier might take your idea and run with it.  You never know.  It would take incredibly high tolerances, though.  Cool idea:)

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I suspect your reation plates wouldn't be very efficient.  You would probably need an more precise way to complete the magentic circut to get any efficiency at all. 

Another approach would be to allow the LIMS to float, with guide wheels that would center them on the reaction plate.  Or, possibly allow the plate to float.  Floating the plate would make more sense probably since it has a lot less mass

A final approach would be to simply make the track in the LIM section steel or a composite.  This would allow tight tolerances to be maintained.

I think a LIM Woodie is a really bad idea.

whats next? Inverted and Stand Up Woodies?
Maybe flying dutchman woodies?

Why do people think that a LIM woodie would be so rough? Noone has yet mentioned a speed for such a coaster. If the launch is somewhere around 55mph (like on the Mad Cobra rides) that wouldnt be much different than your average mid-sized woodie like Ghostrider.

Now if we are talking Millennium Force speeds, well then one *might* have a problem (I say might because apparently the Intamin 'laminated' wooden track gives a steel like feel)

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