CW Announcement coming Aug 27

A park rep confirmed that Canada's Wonderland will announce thier 2008 "attraction" on Aug 27.

More details and construction pictures of the massive coaster project can be seen on CW Mania.

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Now I'm just pumped. This is so exciting I can barely think straight. It is so hard for us coaster enthusiasts to get a planned trip to the United States when we are so busy in this game called life. I have tried countless times to get down to Cedar Point or SFDL for a weekend, but the time frame is so tight with a load of stress to go with it. And with PCW being the only and most saught after amusement park in Ontario, I for one will be delighted to see a new coaster attraction for 2008.

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I'm excited... it's the largest park near me, and finally, Wonderland may be known as a park not just known for its vast array of flats, but also a quality coaster or two.

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I'm shocked at the amount of people not making any new suggestions for wht the new coaster might be. Oh well.

I have really been thinking about the possibilities, but after much consideration I would have to put my money on a hyper. :)

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
Oh it has been discussed many times, just not here but on that "website-which-must-not-be-named"

No it's not Voldemor....oh crap I forgot his name is taboo now. ;)

This week construction crews moved into the lake behind Italian Job/Minebuster. Large floating contraptions are being set up around the lake. Obviously the coaster will go over water.

As you can see, construction is coming along at quite a rapid pace.

Heres some speculation, its for a waterslide, and those floatation devices are for the things that launch you into the air into the water, like in the movie heavyweights. By the way that movie was a ben stiller classic.

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^ Lol, I remember I always wanted to try out "The Blob" haha, great flick...
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CoasterDiscern said:I'm shocked at the amount of people not making any new suggestions for wht the new coaster might be. Oh well.

How soon they forget! We *just* had a 4-5 page discussion about the ride only a week or so ago... ;)

Back on topic...

Wonderland's website was updated today with a countdown to the announcement.

It states:

Wonderland's biggest annoucement ever

18 months of planning and construction

Biggest investment in Wonderland's history

Canada's never seen anything like this

Premiers May 2008

A report today from the park by a fellow enthusiast also says that teaser signs are posted throughout the park. One of them reads "And you were excited for Millenium Force???"

Have we got your attention now?

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Um, yes.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Cedar Fair (particularly CP) does have quite a history as of late with Intamin. I wouldn't rule them out.
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PCWCoasterBoy said:
BOne of them reads "And you were excited for Millenium Force???"

Without a picture this sounds weird to me. According to google it's like a 7 hour drive between the parks.

If it is a hyper I would think that it would be an Intamin, and not B&M. I haven't made a trip up north. I am thinking next season would be a good year to plan a trip to NY and Canada, and visit the parks that I haven't visited.

Looks like The Great Escape, Seabreeze, Darien Lake, and PCW might be a good way to spend a week next summer.

Well, that figures. Just when Wonderland is adding what sounds like it's signature coaster we have to have passports to cross the border.

Great timing, I must say. :(

X Factor

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Perhaps you could use your newly acquired passport to explore the incredible beauty and culture Canada has to offer in addition to riding a few roller coasters.
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Currently passports are only required if your flying. Even then, if you havn't recieved it, you just need proof that you've applied. In addition, with the problems they've had just getting the air based passports going, I doubt land based passports will be required before the park opens next year. IMHO

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Oh, yeah Gilmore Girls is coming back. I hope so. Yeah, Alexis Bledel. CW = CBS + Warner Brothers. Oh, you were talking about some park in Canada. Lol. I couldn't resist.
There are currently three different posters posted around the Park, none of which mention Millenium Force.

One says "Coming Soon! Our BIGGEST Announcement EVER! Aug 27" with a picture of a person with eyes wide open. The other says the same thing, but has an image of construction crews working. Finally, the other says "Think Big. No REAL BIG."

Get it through your heads.

S:ROS = <3

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