Conneaut Lake reopening for 2009...

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...forced to wonder what happens during those times Gonch is NOT suppressing the urge to kill... ;)

P.S. Chuck, I have to agree on Grandma. Easily up there with Siebert, Raven Maven, and the awesomely cool older guy who ran the coaster at the now-defunct Nut Tree Park in NorCal.

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Yeah, I knew that hat was more mafia than pimp! ;)

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I wonder what they will open!

I know that the train still runs but will require some track work

Kiddieland rides will require less work than the bigger rides.

The Devil's Den all you will have to do is take off the floor from the haunt. I made sure not to damage the ride tracks when I put that in.

Bumper Cars only really need work on the cars and taking the wall from the fog down.

Tumble bug should be in good shape

Carousel all you have to do is retrieve the organ and a few horses that are in storage.

Need new breaks on the Witches Stew, and new motors for the rides that lost theres in the fire.

Is that the only ride that lost parts in the fire?

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Carrie M. said:
Yeah, I knew that hat was more mafia than pimp! ;)

You get me like no one else. ;)

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Way to ruin my day, Gonch!

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I will make every effort to get back there this year.

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Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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I wish there was something I could do to help them get ready to open. You know, like when they had volunteers painting the bottom 12 feet of Blue Streak? I'd gladly pitch in a day to repair some broken fences or help clean up some gutters or something. I think it'd be fun.

edit: Oh, what do you know -

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Hey Ken, any word on the clean-up weekend yet?

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Yeah Raven Posted the link. I will be at the first one but not the second as I have to start at Valleyfair.

We will be there both weekends (probably both Sundays). Anyone else from CB going to make the trek?

If you are in the Cleveland area maybe we can carpool...

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I'll be having my own clean-up weekends throughout March and April. Anybody interested in helping out is more than welcome.

Just sayin' :)

I will be there Zak. Each weekend we always have fun. I tend to help keep things interesting. By arranging some activitys for volunteers. I have done

Blue Streak Walk backs

Ghost Tours in the Hotel Conneaut

Lights on Tour of the Devil's Den

Party on the Bluestreak (A get together on the Blue Streak station to meet friends and see more to the ride)

Who knows what I will arrange for these ones ;)

I really enjoy all the rides there the bug,tempest,flying scooter etc, but if the Blue Streak isn't running it will be hard to go this year.

Awesome!! Another reason to go out east in 2010 :)

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sixflagsguy5 said:
Awesome!! Another reason to go out east in 2010 :)

They're giving it a go this year.

There are no guarantees for next year. ;)

Well, I will be there with CoasterFanatic.
Yes I want Blue Streak, But this might be the parks last Go.
Those who want to wait for 2010, Think about this.
If they do not get customers in 2009-Blue streak will never reopen.

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Leave it to Gonchar to piss on everyone's parade... ;)


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No one likes to hear the voice of reason. ;)

How can you look so merry yet sound so depressing? :)

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