Chiller Removal (SFGAdv)

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I feel your pain, one of my favorite rides was just torn down, rest in peace python, old friend.

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I will always remember Chiller as it was on my last day of riding it last summer. Batman, lapbar, barrel roll and multiple rides. I rode Robin the year before (it was open in the morning that day). *** Edited 10/12/2007 3:04:31 AM UTC by Willh51***
I have to admit out of all the coasters that I've ridden that are now defunct this one hurts the most. I loved that ride with a passion and thought the Batman side was amazing. Sadly I will never ride it again.
That would make a good topic... favorite defunct ride. I know "favorite" topics are usually frowned upon but it's not like a TTD vs. Kingda Ka thing.

My sentimental favorite is the Hunt's Pier Flyer- the first major coaster I rode after my father spent two summers convincing me I could handle it. As for a non-sentimental one, I think I'd have to go with Drachen Fire. I rode it on a school trip to Williamsburg when it first opened (1992 or 93, I believe) and I remember it being a great ride. I probably wouldn't have thought that years later but back then it seemed like the greatest coaster in the world.

I was lucky enough in 2002 to ride both Batman and Robin with lap bars. In 2004, I waited an hour to ride Robin... At first I didn't want to, but looking back now, it was well worth it.
Here is a video farewell to the ride;

Great video! Bumpy just like the ride.

Pretty sappy song though, at least it doesn't go into a 'mix' version like so many coaster vids....

Would be great with the Go-Go's recent punk version of "my heart will go on."

Geez.. I'm gonna miss that ride. I only rode it (only Robin) on one occasion, but like a bunch of times! It was great (w/rolls, just lapbars).

It was one of my top looper coasters (maybe second only to SFOG Mindbender). It was way kick butt, and after that ride, Deja Vu, V2 and the rest are pretty much obselete (but will always have a VERY soft spot for original Anton shuttles.)

Whoever gets this ride, I hope they can make it work for them.

With those lapbars (never rode it with shoulder bars, thankfully) it was one wicked ride! Things like this (and Mindbender, Shockwave) run kinda like woodies - wild!

They bump around the track, and every inch isn't 'perfect' to almost zero acceleration (cept positive G's in the B&M case). Guess why I find most B&M's pretty inert to ride.

Rob Ascough said:
That would make a good topic... favorite defunct ride. I know "favorite" topics are usually frowned upon but it's not like a TTD vs. Kingda Ka thing.

No, I think that would be pretty lame and it absolutely gets into being a favorite topic. It's also been done to death. It usually only takes a few posts before someone starts talking about Drachen Fire and how it was the greatest ride on earth (that somehow no one rode).

^So i guess now is *not* a good time to express my love for Jerk-yer-knees, I mean Hurt-me-please, I mean Hercules? ;)

lata, jeremy
-who really did consider Herc a top five woodie even in the late years *** Edited 10/23/2007 12:53:13 PM UTC by 2Hostyl***

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Big Dipper without a doubt. But I honestly would have voted for Hercules before GL closed.

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Screechin' Eagle was a FINE ride as well. Could be again. :-/

Doesn't pay to be a top-tier woodie in Ohio I guess... ;)

Here are pics of Chiller gone except for the station and some launch track. They also removed Movie Town Water Effect which you can see.

I find it very intriguing that they're erecting a tower crane on that site. They didn't need a tower crane to remove The Chiller, so why would they need a tower crane to build the new coaster?

Does anyone have an idea how tall this building is supposed to be?

I can't 100% say for sure about Great Adventure's, but New England's is a 65 ft. building.


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