Chiller Removal (SFGAdv)

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Looks like the word on the streets was true and Chiller is being dismantled (and presumably removed) at SFGAdv.


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Never got to ride it. The thing I don't get, is why this ride was so much more temperamental than the other rides of this type.

Do you think it could be salvaged for another park? I haven't been to SFGAdv in years so I never rode it (maybe it doesn't deserve a second life especially after they gutted it's key elements?)...
^^ I never understood that either. The coaster isn't all that much different from the Mr. Freeze twins and those coasters seem to run just fine. If there was some problem specific to this installation, you'd think a solution would have been found over the period of a decade. Oh well. It was a cool ride but it wasn't good that it operated so infrequently. Might as well replace it with something more reliable.
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Rob A:
It was a cool ride but it wasn't good that it operated so infrequently. Might as well replace it with something more reliable.

Kind of like that cool little park just outside of Cleveland that operated less than optimally and the owners decided to pull the plug and go with something more reliable. ;)

Never got to ride it.

I never got to ride the Batman side. I scored the Robin side many moons ago - on a FlashPass even. :)

Six Flags tried to get one coaster to run properly over a period of ten years. Cedar Fair spent four years on an investment that likely exceeded $200 million. There's a bit of a difference there, as far as I'm concerned.
Well that sucks. I enjoyed the ride - even more so after the OTSRs were removed. Luckily it was open during my trip this summer so I was able to get one last ride.
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There's a bit of a difference there, as far as I'm concerned.


It wasn't costing SF a whole lot (money, time, effort, etc) to leave the ride sit there and periodically monkeying with it in hopes of getting lucky.

Why not ride a minimum bet to see if that ace-high hand wins the pot? There's little to lose, less risk.

The same can't be said for CF with Geauga.

Why keeping betting the max on a hand you thought was good after you find out someone else can beat you? At some point you realize (or make an educated guess) that there's no way to win and you fold and cut your losses.

When you have less to lose, you tend to let your money ride longer.

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Out of curiosity, did anyone ever ride it when both sides were operating...together? <gasp>

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Did both sides ever operate together?

Did both sides actually operate... even by themselves? (okay... I know the Red side did... but what about blue?) *** Edited 9/24/2007 7:34:27 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
I have been on it twice with both trains running and seen both running multiple times about 2 years ago. I haven't seen the top one run in forever.

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I've been on it several times when both sides were operational. When launched together, the ride was quite dynamic to watch.
I rode a couple of times when both sides were running. Kind of odd considering I have only been to the park 3 times, but 2 out of three times both sides were running. First time was fall of 03 and the second time was fall of 04.

The backwards zero g roll with lapbars was definitely my favorite element ever.

I however never saw them launched simultaneously and didn't even know it was possible.

-Brent Kneebush

Great Adventure was my home park for over 20 years way before its The Chilller was installed. During the time it was operational I only saw it running both trains ONCE!

I used to frequent that park at least once a week during it's operational season.

Ride's leaving, thank goodness, see ya! Good riddance to ya too!!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I agree ride was never that great I rode it when it was relativly new and both sides did run but the capacity always made for super long lines. I rode both robin and batman and the best thing about it was the launch. All i remeber is the ride ops making a big stink about earings and you weren't alowed to wear them and you had to take them out what a pain. They did change the restraints and i liked the change but the ride was too small in my opinion I believe it suffered because of it's unusually small footprint. I also remember I think it was the first or second year that they shut it down for an entire season do to it's design, in any case it was always rough and for a six foot four inch individual it was increadibly cramped with either restraint system. PS before they got rid of the old restriant system they padded the hell out of the shoulder restriants which was both a blessing and a curse.
I can see them replacing the area with a couple flat rides and maybe a restaurant...
You think a 'partial' HUSS Land of the Giants would be tooo big for that area? *** Edited 9/24/2007 8:56:13 PM UTC by fearandloathing***

Lord Gonchar said:

When you have less to lose, you tend to let your money ride longer.

True. It's just that with so much on the line, you'd figure they'd want to give it another shot before taking their lumps, because those are some pretty big lumps.

As far as the ride operating, I've been to the park dozens of times since that ride was built and I saw it operate two times. Fortunately I got rides on both sides- one before the change to lapbars and one after.

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