Cedar Point posts video tease for Rougarou, the floorless coaster formerly known as Mantis

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Cedar Point has posted a video teasing Rougarou, which is apparently the Mantis roller coaster converted from a stand-up to a floorless.

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Did this come completely out of left field, or was it expected (the announcement - not the conversion)?

If not, funny little F-U to all the constant enthusiast bitching about the "Over Hyped" Mantis Squashed announcement, and King James non-announcement.

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I can't believe how overhyped this announcement was. I mean, "cough"?? I expected at least an Iron Streak conversion for that, let alone Fury 326.

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Shut up and take my money!!!

Also, did anyone else get a chuckle from the "they said it couldn't be done" quote? I'd like to think that was a nice little jab at the heartline issue that had people kind of worked up about it.

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Yeah, I thought that was a good line.

I don't see any noticeable changes to the track in the animation (other than paint).


Hey Raggy!!!! It's Rooooogarooooogarrooooo!

Zoiks! Jinkies!

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This is great! I like to see that the park is taking a less popular ride and trying to make it into a new one. The second half could be almost like Maverick. And "in your face!" to everyone who said it couldn't be done.


So will this be another head basher with those restraints? Not a big fan of the floorless trains really.

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Ugh. I didn't realize the whaaaambulance would need to be staffed today. Hopefully, I can get some of the drivers to you STAT!

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This will be the second non-standup coaster in the country (possibly the world?) with an inclined loop.

Even more exciting, I'll ride Rougarou more than I ever rode Mantis.

Still somewhat bummed they didn't like either of my monikers for the "new" ride... ;~)

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Looks like the animation is the same layout:

http://youtubedoubler.com/drNU (You might need to pause the one on the left occasionally to let the real POV catch up.)

The only thing I'll miss about Mantis is the color scheme. And on that note, I wish they'd make the track match the logo, or vice versa. [also insert obligatory birdhombre comment about wanting similarly-colored soft serve ice cream]

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Mantis was always a coaster that my heart wanted to like, but my balls despised. This is a total win.

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Interestingly enough, my complaint has never been with the "seat" or the standing posture, but rather with those awful OTSR's. From the animation (and the most recent floorless coaster from 2013), B&M has not switched over to the new restraint style. Sigh. I'll still get on it but can't guarantee my opinion of the ride will be swayed by this.

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You can see the layout here:


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^That's not Rougarou, that's the Mantis layout! ;~P

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Ah, well, I was fond of the layout too, so that's my silver lining. It makes me wonder if they'll be doing this to the other 2 B&M Stand-Ups in the chain.

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Cedar point is my home park and I am glad they took the only bad thing about that coaster and changed it. Thank God!

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Ruh Roh...

no new coaster though.


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rollergator said:

^That's not Rougarou, that's the Mantis layout! ;~P

...and he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that meddling rollergator.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

Well.... I guess I've got hat to eat....

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