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Making first trip to CP this summer. Can the more experienced CP veterans, give me some pointers? Am looking forward to riding Raptor and Mantis. Should I ride them first thing or wait until later? Any pointers about rides, food and lodging would be appreciated!!
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Check out Guide to The Point, CoasterBuzz's sister site, at http://www.guidetothepoint.com. The strategy section should be helpful in planning your day, while the rides section will fill you in on the rest.

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That website is very similar to coaster buzz!

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All the big chain coaster sites are like that. Similar experience. No charm. Giant concrete forums. It really disgusts the internet purist in me.

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Always coming back at just the right moment. :)

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And merely days after a record-breaking 12 year old thread resurrection, we have a new record of 13 years and one week.

Resurrection wars?

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Sounds fun :P

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Tyler: If it isn't obvious from the comments above, it's not really a good idea to bring back threads from the dead from around the time of your birth. :)

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Ugh. There's some perspective, huh?

Kids who become teenagers this month were born when this thread originally posted.

Excuse me while I pull my checkered pants up around my chest. 

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Get off my lawn!

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Spam removed. This not a place for you to advertise for free. -J

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Scare you later!!

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My +1 is for the removal of spam, and not the spam itself. Now that I think about it, it doesn't make sense to do what I just did because the +1 goes to the spammer and not the person who removed it. I wish I could take it back now. :p

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Think before you one-up, man. I take my plus ones very seriously.


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About the rides: Raptor is right near the entrance, and I personally think it's a great ride to-start off with. Mantis is near the Millennium Force. It's decent, but it does hurt your crotch when you ride the inverisons (as most standups do). My 3 faves are; 1) Millennium Force, 2) Magnum XL-200, 3) Raptor. But a lot of people will say thier favorite is Maverick (my #4 at CP). I WILL warn you though, CP's wooden coasters aren't the best...they don't suck, but there are better parks for wooden coasters. The Food: Cp has an interesting array of food services. Various fast food, a Johnny Rockets (good), Panda Express (sos-so). Lodging: I haven't ever stayed at CP overnight, but you could try to check out the website...



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Aw, jeez.

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ThatStrangeKid42, you're a bit late...about 13 years to be exact.

Yeah, I hope CoasterRick isn't a CP novice anymore.

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blasterboy6500 said:

ThatStrangeKid42, you're a bit late...about 13 years to be exact.

What do you mean?

The calendar is not your friend.

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