Cedar Point just got a big shipment of wood

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I won't be happy with anything less than 30 pages of speculation. Go!

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Mean Streak retracking & reprofiling would be my guess. But when have I ever guessed right? :)

Son of Mean Streak, here we come!!!!!!!


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Are they trying to compete with Paula's puns?

They are remodeling Dragster and renaming it "Dragsters Revenge" The tallest fastest wooden coaster in the world.

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Maybe they really aren't going to do anything with it. They could simply just like to have the BIGGEST, LONGEST AND SLOWEST pile of wood in any amusement park. Of course, they could just be buying wood now, to save money on wood later on when the prices go up.


Son of Mean WolfBobs Dipper Streak!!!!

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Well, about time CP got some fresh wood. That '64 model was turning "BLUE" because of all Viagra that was pumped into it, keeping it up :)

Well, could we see "Gemini Mk 2?" It would be fitting, as Gemini is old and responsable enough to have kids.

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Hrmm. If Cedar Fair's history holds true it's a GCI, but where would it go? They probably would have already had to start deconstruction if they wanted it open for next season...

Yay, a retracking and MFliers.

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I'd bet on Moosh and a retrack (hopefully reprofile) of MS....then again, I don't know exactly how MUCH lumber they got, only how much I can see... ;)

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Let's hope this is for a new coaster or a re tracking of MS. CP needs a good woodie.


If MS gets re-profiled, I'm looking forward to a few nice 90 degree curves and a tunnel or two. Just do what they did for RFII, only bigger/better/faster . . .

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MagnumsRevenge said:
Yay, a retracking and MFliers.

I thought GCII wouldn't put MFlyers on a coaster that's not theirs? Then again, if they did a re-track/profile, I guess you could consider it theirs at that point.

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I wonder how many Paddlewheel Captains they had to consult in order to come up with the puns?

I like MS. I would like it better if it was fixed.

But I really want them to bring back a replacement for WWL. A "good" park shouldn't be without a nice log flume, imho...

...and that is a possibility for the use of the wood. (I can dream, can't I?)

^ I love a good log flume!

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If you take a ride on Gemini, you'll notice that it almost ALWAYS has piles of wood that look identical to those in the picture on its infield.

Much more likely that GCI is involved to try to reduce maintenance costs, cause CP doesn't care about restoring a 17 year old to be a fan favorite.

As I said on Pointbuzz, OMGAquatrax111.

Re profile MS and add allot of air time

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The only reason I even guess anything other than a re-tracking of Mean Streak is because the mentioned it on the blog and I imagine they are constantly working on the ride in the off season.

Isn't this the same blog that made a big deal about the "building" constructed to hold parade floats?

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