Cedar Point hopes to get Dragster open this weekend

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Following the closure of Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster due to problems with the ride's hydraulic launch system, the park is working with engineers to get the rid back to operating status for the holiday weekend.

Read more from The Plain Dealer.

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What's a fireworks show without TTD going off? ;)

Tease Alert!

*Something* wicked this way comes...to the west coast in 2004!

Its not gonna run guys. Sorry but we'll have to wait ill next year. They should've just used LIM's even if it would have been a long track.

The "Other" northen east ohio park has something up there sleave for 2004*** This post was edited by SFWoAdude725 7/3/2003 11:54:20 AM ***

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Is that your expert opinion?

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DELETED! What time does the water show start?

SFWoAdude725 - How do you know it wont run? Sure its likely, but we dont know *exactly* what the problem is, and how much they have done to fix it.

1. Millennium Force
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Yes jeff it is and anyways if they get it up and running it's probably gonna break down again.

The "Other" northen east ohio park has something up there sleave for 2004

SFWoAdude725, quite now before you get flamed to death for being idiotic.

The Emergency Stop

96% uptime on all rides evcluding TTD, including 67 other rides.

They obviously know how to do something right there SfWoAdude.

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"If Top Thrill Dragster is not in operation by this weekend, we will continue our efforts to get the ride back in operation as soon as possible this season," Witherow said. "We are not giving up"

Im glad to hear they wont give up and close it for the entire season. I'm really looking forward to ride this during Holloweekends this year.


The article refers to Swedish engineers working on the system.

Are there any Swedish coaster companies at all? :-)



No there aren't. They were refering to the firm that built the hydraulic drive.By the way, does anybody know who that is? Is it ASEA/Brown -Boveri?*** This post was edited by Dutchman 7/3/2003 1:03:03 PM ***
Spelling error up there:

"the park is working with engineers to get the rid back"

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SFWoAdude725 said:
"Yes jeff it is and anyways if they get it up and running it's probably gonna break down again."

Wow!! Finally an end-all, be-all roller coaster guru! SFWoAdude725, will you be my friend?

You might as well shut down C-Buzz Jeff. This guy is hot stuff!

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I thought someone said earlier that the hydraulic motor was Italian-built?

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SFWoAdude you look burnt... or dead! ;)

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I miss SFWoA...dude. Glad to see the park's not going to give up on TTD this season, hopefully it'll be open when I take my trip near the end of the season.

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I'm not burnt or dead i'm just watching the CP fanboys say the same thing over and over again.

The "Other" northen east ohio park has something up there sleave for 2004

SFWoA, let's go get some PAN-ASIAN CUISINE!! Cause your expert opinion is SOO GOOD or NOOO GOOD!

I'm not an enthusiast. I just play one on message boards.

Perphaps CP envy? I don't know, I'm just wondering if that's the case... (He's totally crushing... on CP)


They should NOT have used LIMs, not only because they take such a long time to get the speed necessary, but because they get really, really hot. If CP ever wanted to reach the dispatch intervals they thought possible, the motors would burn out quickly.

Even on California Screamin, a LIM coaster that has intervals of a minute or so, has to use water to cool the LIMs between launches. It just helps that the ride is right in the bay, so as to not make a mess.

I think TTD will run again this year, and while I am not an expert, I think that CP knows their reputation may (MAY!) be tarnished if TTD goes 'Deja Vu,' the year after Wicked Twister had operational issues.

It may limp to the end of the year, but by next year, the ride will be as reliable as any other.

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He must have met a possum that told him everything he knows about TTD.

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