Cedar Point announces giant Frisbee

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Cedar Point today announced "maXair," a giant Huss Frisbee. The new ride will be located on the games midway near Space Spiral, and is part of a $10 million capital improvement plan for the park.

Read more from Cedar Point.

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no Jim, it is not called a Frisbee XL, it is called (as it says in the press release) a Giant Frisbee, look at Huss' website. http://www.hussrides.com/32GiantFrisbee.htm
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Is PKI's a Frisbee XL? I thought it was a Giant Frisbee also. But CP's is a Giant, not XL. Great move on the part of CP, this will at a lot of fun and diversity to the ride lineup in 2005.
You know whats amazing correct me if I am wrong, but I think this ride actually coast more than Wicked Twister at 9 million instead of 10 million.
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Buzzer #1: Giant!

Buzzer #2: XL!

B1: Giant!

B2: XL!

B1: Giant!

B2: XL!

Either way its frickin huge ;)

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It's a giant. The XL is essentially the original frisbee with outward seats. PKI's is a giant as well.

The $10 million figure includes all capital improvement at the park, not just the ride.
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My big question. . .Will there be a height restriction on it similar to the one at PKI. I waited 45 minutes in line for Delerium without noticing the height restriction and was forced to walk straight through to the exit by the op.

At least I can dunk on you. . .

Shaggy, you make a good point. I think that one of the reasons that CP is successful is because, more often than not, they don't take huge risks.

I wouldn't say CP doesn't take big risks or go with what is proven. They go through a lot of research to make sure what they're adding will be popular and sucessful. So far they've accomplished that on almost every ride they've built.

I believe a huge risk would be buying a small park that is near a huge mega amusement park and build big huge rides in it and expect to have sucess. Now that's a risk CP would never take. That park being Geauga Lake (SFWOA). CF did research there and made it more of a family amusement park rather than competing with a thrill park like Cedar Point.

The biggest risk Cedar Point ever made was to open MF and TTD. They didn't quite know how many people would actually want to ride them, since they're so extreme. But, as it turns out the rides have proven to be the biggest hits to come in the park in history.

Back to topic, maXair looks to be another great addition to Cedar Point.

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Jeff - Do you know if maXair will be placed close enough to Disater Transport so that the "12E" portion of the building becomes a foot chopper? That would be cool ;)

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I'm wondering how close this thing will get to the Sky Ride? If riding it at PKI isn't fun enough, I can't wait to do it at CP! Just a great, long awaited decision.
^^No, it won't come that close to the building. Troika is there and not moving.

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I thought in the Sandusky paper it said they were going to announce the new attraction in January. Is there going to be another ride, or did they want tocatch us off gaurd a nd announce it today. Over all what a great way to start off December and a nice Christmas present. Delrium at PKI is one of my favorite rides.


...And now Rideman doesn't have anything to go to PKI for except Flight of Fear! ;)


So what are the differences between this one and the one at PKI? Are they they exact same size and everything?
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Isn't it funny how all the talk leading up to an announcement is immediately forgotten once that actual annoucement is made?

What about the back of the park? The swan boats removal? Almost every last bit of speculation was in that area, yet rarely does anyone mention "Man, I was WAY off" or "Boy, were we wrong on that"

Consider this me mentioning it :)

Here are the stats I got from the websites:
  • Vertical Height
  • Maxair- 84 ft.
  • Delirium- 80 ft.
  • Swing Height
  • Maxair- 140 ft.
  • Delirium- 137 ft.
  • Speed
  • Maxair- 70 mph.
  • Delirium- 76 mph.
  • Capacity
  • Maxair- 1000 people an hour
  • Delirium- 600 people an hour
  • Ride Time
  • Maxair- 2:30
  • Delirium- 2:30

It just seems weird to me that Maxair has a capacity of 1000 and Delirium has a capacity of 600.

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Deleium has a lesser amount of PPR because CP will have twice the staff on it.

I hope it isn't a shorter cycle than PKI's

also probably higher population go to CP than PKI
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Actually, doesnt PKI have better attendance than CP?
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They've traded attendance rank over the years.

Isn't it funny how all the talk leading up to an announcement is immediately forgotten once that actual annoucement is made?
You forgot about the B&M flyer, dueling floorless coasters, removal of White Water Landing, etc.
CP has to be overstating their capacity again. There is no way they can load 20 cycles in a total of 10 min.

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