Cedar Point announces giant Frisbee

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Cedar Point today announced "maXair," a giant Huss Frisbee. The new ride will be located on the games midway near Space Spiral, and is part of a $10 million capital improvement plan for the park.

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Rob Ascough: Not to be picky but most of Canadas Wonderland's flats were made by Mondial, not Huss. Only Sledgehammer the Jump2 is a Huss.

And JZarley you should be happy Cedar Point got the frisbee and not the Jump2. The Jump2 looks cool, but doesn't really ride as good as it looks. I'm not sure if it's due to Wonderland running it in wuss mode, but I found it extremely boring.

Wonderland's frisbee,top scan, and splash over are all much better rides.

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1000 pph is a dispatch every three minutes. You don't think they can hit that? It all comes down to whether or not they figured out how to park it and move the floor quicker.
Assuming that the entire 2:30 cycle is from when the floor lowers to when the floor raises, I find myself doubting the 3 minute dispatch theory. There is no way a 50-seat ride can be emptied, boarded, checked and running again within 30 seconds, not to mention accomplishing this on a regular basis. I will grant you that it's certainly possible to accomplish the forementioned cycle in better time than PKI, but I highly doubt its possible in 30 seconds. However, it does SEEM like Delirium runs for less than 2:30 from floor down to floor up, but that's probably because I'm having so much fun while riding. :) Props to CP for installing an already proven winner, and my favorite 'flat' ride!
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CP isn't overstating anything, the 1000 PPH figure comes from HUSS. You can find the technical specs from the manufacturer's web site here.
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I'm skeptical about the 1000pph. 30 seconds between cycles is very optimistic. I figure that they'll take at least a minute to load and unload between cycles. That's a 3:30 dispatch interval which would put it around 850pph, which is not too shabby.

Ironically, that's right around what Dragster does when it's pseudo-behaving :)

Haha, Moosh. I got that...12E...Footchopper...Now theres an inside Joke probably not many people will get at all...
"Not to be picky but most of Canadas Wonderland's flats were made by Mondial, not Huss. Only Sledgehammer the Jump2 is a Huss."

Most? Nope. Only Three.... Psyclone, Cliffhanger and Shockwave.

There are more Huss rides at Wonderland than Mondial... one more than Mondial to be exact. The Huss rides I know of, off the top of my head, are: Orbiter (Huss Giant Enterprise), The Rage (Huss Swinging Ship), Nightmares (Huss Giant Round-Up) and the afore-mentioned Sledge Hammer (Jump Squared).

PCW also has several Intamin flats... White Water Canyon, Drop Zone, Jet Scream.

But I think the most prevelant flat manufacturer represented at PCW would either be Chance or Zamperla... both of which contributed a great amount of rides to the kids areas in the park.


The frisbee rides are good, but I prefer the versions where riders face inwards rather than those that face out. The thrill isn't the same if you can't watch your friends and fellow riders. But CP probably went with the outward facing style because it has a higher capacity. It's still a cool addition.
See I disagree. I have ridden SFNE's, SFGADV's (When it was there) and PKI's giant. I found the standard to be boring... specifically it did not spin fast enough and the swinging momentum produced little to no air.

Delirium, on the other hand, is far superior and I have yet to get off of it without being satisfied with my ride.

True, it is hard to see your neighbor sitting next to you... but I guess I think that the park visuals are so great while riding that I would not want to spend the ride cycle looking at someone else. Well, unless they were a hottie ;-)


Letss see 600 would yield 5 minute cycles, and 1000 would yield 3 miute cycles.

There are some clear areas where Cedar Point probably can and will be able to improve on PKI's cpacity for a similar ride.

One big item is that Cedar Point tends to have very low tolerance for people bringing loose articles into ride lines. I'd imagine that at PKI, a significant amount of load time is lost with riders going to the 'footlockers' to retireve their loose items, wile the next group is huddled around the 'footlockers' trying to stow items. (And possilbe waiting till they are right at the box to prepare themsevles to stow items such as shoes. )

The other 'low-hanging fruit' is that PKI flubbed the exit for Delirium. you have 50 people all trying to exit out one small gate. I mean they got the entrance right with the pre-load areas and two entrance gates. IMO, the WOW entrnace should be scrapped and converted into a scond exit.

And, as has been mentioned if the reliability of the ride parking and the floor mechanicals has been worked out so much the better.

"The other 'low-hanging fruit' is that PKI flubbed the exit for Delirium. you have 50 people all trying to exit out one small gate. I mean they got the entrance right with the pre-load areas and two entrance gates. IMO, the WOW entrnace should be scrapped and converted into a scond exit. "

I could not agree more. Delirium was very well though out... loading wise. But honestly, that exit is a mess.

I personally think they'd be all-together better off building a second or much larger exit off to the side where the remainder of KC land exists. It's empty land, sitting vacant and could easily be used for that purpose. It would also alieviate the exiting riders from trying to spill into a congested midway. Everytime the cycle is over, exiting riders get backed up because dumb-dumbs waiting for friends in line block the exit plaza.


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Moosh sed: "Nice! I like it! Are you listening, SFMM?"

Why? Was the mic even *on*? ;)

Just for the record, outward facing seats are better...oh, and a 30-second unload/re-load is *unreasonable*, even for CP....850-900pph is probably a more realistic target capacity. 1,000 peeps per hour is probably along the lines of "marketing-exaggeration"...;)

Shaggy I when I said most of PCW's flats were made by Mondial I was more reffering to the newest better flat rides. Psyclone,Cliffhanger,and Shockwave are probably 3 of the best rides in the park. And are the rides that "stand out" most.

The orbiter,swinging ship, round up,etc aren't something that would normaly stick out. They're fairly average rides.

I'll just ask again. Does anyone know if I will be too tall? The website says nothing of a max height, but you never know.
Amusement Business reported that Delirium cost $4.5-$5 million. However, the U.S. dollar is wekaer and steel prices are higher.

The discrepencies in the stats of CP's vs. PKI's frisbees are minor enough to be rounding errors. maXair will be the Giant Frisbee we've seen before, even though Huss is launching 2 new Frisbee designs (Huss Giant Frisbee XL & Huss Frisbee XL) in 2005.

See http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/eas04/eas3e.shtml

It says that the Giant Frisbee XL will be (converted from metric) 164 ft and 74.5 mph. This means that the supposed speed of Delirium, mentioned as 76 mph in some places, is off. Huss lists no speed on its site. CP's figure for the speed, 74.5 mph, is probably the correct one.

Ok.. being a member of the 04 Delirum crew, I do have some observations on the whole "Better Capacity" thing.

I do have to agree with Shaggy here, the exit is a total pain in the butt. It's basically trying to fit rocks through a straw after the cycle ends. But when it comes to loading/unloading, it's a grueling process. Here's what usually goes on for us.

1. As soon as the cycle starts, the op in the loading cage (who isn't driving) goes to the q-line and counts out 50 people (and those people are given a number), checking height along the way (for those who don't know the height Restrictions.. it's 54" Min and 76", which is 6'4" for those who want feet.) We try to get the tall people on, we really do. If some of them are too tall, we do let them take off their shoes (then again, that might change.. I don't know...) so we can get them on. If they're ok without their shoes, we let them ride. If not.. we send them up WOW.. or get an area manager if they complain. Trust me, I'd get like 5 or 6 people I'd have to check every cycle, so it slows down capacity.

2. After that's all done.. they're split into two sides of the loading pen. The current cycle ends, they load onto the gondola. There are other factors to slowing it down that I won't mention, so I won't. But other than that, some people steal seats and guests complain, so we have to unlock the restraints and load them in.

3. Then two ops (Maybe it'd be faster if we had 4 ops...) check the restraints, meet on the other side of the gondola, and check the other op's work.

4. One goes to exit to co-start (putting all loose crap in the boxes and shutting them, both ops do it), and the other op goes to the loading pen. Gates have to be locked by the way or the ride will not dispatch. We scan the ride area for anything that we may have missed (and get it if there is), and clear for dispatch.

Repeat steps 1-4 each cycle.

IMO, the only way CP could live up to the capacity they claim is to have 4 ops on the gondola. That and have some decent q-line design. Even with 2 ops at PKI going as fast as they safely can, the most we ever pulled in Cycles per hour this season was 14-15 Cycles an hour. I doubt CP could do the same...


Here's yet another PKI employee with his take:

Yes, the coloring of the new CP ride is an exact replica of Delirium, but remember, this is not the only Giant Frisbee to use this coloring. Nagashima Spaland has a Giant Frisbee with the same coloring too. Yes, CP could've taken the time to come up with a different one, but you can't say they copied, because that's just the basic color HUSS came up with. If CP copied anyone, it's HUSS, and PKI copied them too.

Why would MaXair spinning in the same direction make ANY difference in the ride experience?

The height thing, it seems that the structure is bigger, but the swing doesn't go relatively as high as Delirium's, due to top speed on Deli being higher, which means Deli will still have more G's than MaX.

Finally, the 1,000 pph. NO WAY. That is the RCT capacity. Yes, the "People aren't stupid" capacity. That's the capacity where people know where to sit, don't ask dumb questions, and don't argue when their kid can't ride. I worked Delirium this year, and it was such a pain to have to make people move around because they don't listen to the directions about where to sit. That once again, takes time. The 1,000 PPH is an overshot.


Resolving the speed issue:
I found out from http://www.gettheloop.com/loopapril3/loop054.html that Delirium was clocked at 76 mph by a Huss employee on-site.

The proposed speed of a Giant Frisbee XL, whenever it may be built, is 74.5 mph. This is just the speed on paper. It may go much faster. Likewise, maXair's speed of, according to its press release, 70 mph is its design speed. It will probably run at the same top speed as Delirium.

A flat is a good call. I'll ride it and love it, but one is enough. I love Coasters... this is COASTERbuzz right?

I think sticking with what works isn't a bad idea, I want a NEW ride expereince dammit. Not another world record either... Floorless, Flyer, the remote thought of 4-D, anything. I thought it was America's Roller Coast right? Well bring it on then!

"Riding life with my hands up!"

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