Cedar Point announces giant Frisbee

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Cedar Point today announced "maXair," a giant Huss Frisbee. The new ride will be located on the games midway near Space Spiral, and is part of a $10 million capital improvement plan for the park.

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Isn't this old news?;)

I'm glad they finally annouced it. I'm glad its a Giant Frisbee. I hope to get back to the Point next year, and hopefully I'll get to hit 2 of these, as they are some of my favorite flat rides period. Now if only a ride on Pizza La was closer...

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One would think they would have gone with a little different color scheme from PKI's? None the less this is still one great carnival ride. And CP REALLY needed a high capacity carnival ride. I still would like to see a carnival ride put back in the back of the park...now that we don't have those great Swan Boats anymore ;)

I REALLY like the idea of redoing the games midway. It needed overhauled bad to get out of that 70's look.

what the hell is a giant frisbee?
Its a world record breaking disk that only giants and nephilim can throw. They strap you to it and 2 huge guys just throw you back and forth...

Go to www.pki.com, find Delirium, click on it.

Or just look @ the link above?

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Where the hell have you been?

The games midway needs to be maintained... not changed. It's not 60s tacky anymore, it's "retro."

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I see they are fixing the problem with Wicked Twister's towers swaying by shortening the trains ;).

I'm very excited to see this type of ride at Cedar Point. I think this is a step in the right direction rather than the tallest, fastest, frilliest coaster in the world. This ride's location will also draw a lot of onlookers as well. I can't wait to see the new midway games section since it'll be getting a major overhaul. While the look is pretty unique IMHO, I think it's long overdue for a new look.

~Rob Willi

Okay, I'm shocked. Where is the onslaught of "They're ripping off PKI!!11!11" posts? Guess its too early, and the trolls are still in bed;).
So CP finally is giving in to "peer pressure" and is naming one of their rides with a "X".... ;)
Where's the CP-sux-they're-gonna-sink-in-the-bay-and-
and-only-rollycoasters-bring-people-to-amusement-parks rant?


Got that out of the way too.


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Is Troika moving again? I don't see it in the rendering, then again, since WT's trains have been magically shortened, I guess renderings aren't everything ;)
Anyone know the cost of a Giant Frisbee from HUSS?

I have a feeling that if this were at a Six Flags park, people would be busting on the name.

Oh come on Playa, you know that Cedar Point is just holding back and since it's not what the enthusiasts wanted, and they're going to announce that beach CCI in another month or two!
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Troika isn't going anywhere (especially after the extensive rehab it just had). The ride will be where several of the games in the middle of the midway were. Everyone seemed to notice the utility marks on the ground closing weekend.
Ah, ok, makes sense. I spent my last weekends at Hershey and watching football, guess I missed the marks ;) Good to hear Troika isn't going anywhere, I just started to get into that ride ...
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This is great! I just wish we could have gotten a few other flats as well, since CP needs them, but this is a step in the right direction.

I kinda thought Cedar Fair was going to not replace the Starfish at Geauga Lake and move it to CP since they lost Schwabinchen, buts it's fine.

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Nice! I like it! Are you listening, SFMM?
Not crazy about the name (using "X" is so 90's) or the unimaginative color scheme - however, the ride is great. Now I only have to travel an hour to ride and not three and half.

maXair is said to turn clockwise - doesn't Delirium turn counter clockwise?

Well, I guess being called a troll isn't the worst thing in the world... but running that risk.

You have to summize that Cedar Point saw the overwhelmingly positive reactions that PKI got from their install. That no doubt helped sell them on the ride. PKI's Delirium install was, without a doubt, the best decision the park has made in years and years.

Cedar Point's leaders are no fools, and the ride will fit excellently with their "thrill" genre.

But naturally one who enjoys attending each Ohio park has to draw comparisons from time to time. Fact is, I think that CP is simply tapping into the knowledge that PKI discovered a few seasons back. Guests want new, different and wide-appeal rides. This easily fills that nice... just like the waterpark did last year.... *ahemPKIahem*.

Shaggy ;-)

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It's not the first time, either. They've openly said that when they first saw Geauga Lake's impulse, they had to have one. That too was a good move.

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