Carowinds Announces Intimidator

Nice looking ride, great photos. Now to nitpick. Why does the pre-recorded ride shtick say "Welcome to the Intimidator?" Penalty for unnecessary use of a definite article.

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Maybe it was an inside joke to poke fun of enthusiasts? Perhaps.

It'd be really fun to talk like that for an entire year. I'd probably eventually get banned from CB because of it. lol

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I doubt you will get banned, LK. I mean you havent been yet for your endless front of line pass rants ;)

Back to ride:

The only thing I found cheesy was the "Gentlemen, start your engines" thats blasted (literally) over loud speakers as you leave the station.

It would be cool for a launch type coaster, but really, you are not flying up the lift hill. Although you do go up the lift hill a decent clip, which I was pleased with.

I guess it gives the pace car feeling and then as you go over the hill you are now free to race.. Still, I do love that seat configuration and B&M once again made a really smooth running ride with lots of airtime.

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In that case, ridem, I hope The Intimidator is as fun as The Diamondback. I haven't been to Canada to ride The Behemoth yet, but that seat configuration is amazing on The DB. ;)

Carowinds needs more coasters, because of the park's location. It get's pretty crowded sometimes. It's nice to see this coaster fit into such a small park. Now, they need to replace the log flume, but where would they put it? As much as I love coasters, I really love flumes to, and it's a shame to see them being replaced at so many parks with more coasters.

I'm sure that the park could have built (The) Intimidator without demolishing the flume. It could have even been a parking lot coaster (GASP!)

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Don't you mean, "The Carowinds"?

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Carowinds has got a real winner on their hands. This type of ride really rounds out their coaster collection, and it's quite possible they have the best 1-2 combination of B&Ms at any park. The airtime is wonderful and the pacing, especially in the first half, is great. Row 4 seems to be the place to be, but there were some fantastic rides to be had in the middle as well. There is a full five seconds worth of airtime on that third hill, and unlike DB, the hill actually goes to the ground which is a nice touch.

Behemoth, DB, and Intimidator are all essentially the same coaster with some tweaks by each. They all ride very similarly and all offer terrific airtime. Which one you like more I think depends on which coaster you just got off of. These newer style hypers have really stepped up the airtime and the trains, already wonderful, have stepped up the experience.

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Just got back early this morning from our trip to DW season pass day and CW opening day + 1/2 of Sunday.

We were on the 3rd public train on Saturday and had a nice ride but nothing to write home about. There was a bit of air on the 3rd hill but overall it was not nearly as good as Diamondback IMO. I guess it was a little anticipointment.

We did the rest of the park and came back to I232 in the mid afternoon to find 10 minute waits or less the rest of the evening. I am guessing that just like Diamondback, Intimidator needed a little warming up. Each lap after the first had more air then the one before it. Still no where near what I get on Diamondback, but I232 makes up for it with a wicked 2nd hill. We ended up getting one of the last trains on the night.

The next morning we headed back to the park to get a few more laps in. Our 3 laps had a wait of about 10 minutes each. Some in our group still needed to pick up a few other credits and we all wanted another snap filled ride on OUR Eagles.

We went back to Timmy only to find it a total walk on for most rows. We got back to the station to find it empty and they were allowing rerides. I got 7-8 laps in on Sunday by 1:00pm when we had to head for home.

I think CW has a real winner on there hands.

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Did you just... call it Timmy?

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Yeah, I think that was started by a guy on Carowinds Connection and its kinda catching on.

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That's pretty funny. Strange, but kind of funny.

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No stranger than 'Millie' or 'Maggie'. About as irritating, too.

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Yeah, I'm not sure I'm down with pet names for roller coasters. One exception is Nessie at BGW, but that's because Nessie is the nickname for the real, legendary, Loch Ness Monster.

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kpjb said:

...and the nickname just got infinitely better. :)

Does that make the KD variant TIMMAY! THREE-OH-FIVE!



BBSpeed26 said:
Does that make the KD variant TIMMAY! THREE-OH-FIVE!


That makes it sounds like the egine in a truck I used to have.

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BBSpeed26 said:
Does that make the KD variant TIMMAY! THREE-OH-FIVE!


Not sure, but I think that makes the KD ride "Reach for the Skylar"... ;)

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Raven-Phile could you please reply "TIMMAY!" It would just look perfect with your avatar.

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LOL. Nice. I won't give you that satisfaction. Yet. :)

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