Carowinds Announces Intimidator

I didn't anticipate being more excited about CW than KD.

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Wait.. Didnt KD announce Intimidator? ;)

Oh right.. minus 305..

Ok.. thats the extent of my displeasure.. Its a B & M and looks pretty sweet, but as with any other ride, wont know if its good or bad till im going down the first hill.

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OMG. Why would they put a fully enclosed car on it? Talk about ruining the ride. I will hate it because you won't be able to feel the wind in your face.

Look! The pictures show a fully enclosed car. LAME.

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Where are you looking at?

The page has a picture of this:

I assume you are kidding.

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Go to the video gallery and look at the train... it does not look enclosed at all.

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Hysterical, Josh, hysterical :)

He is referring to the graphic of the #3 car on the track in the main graphic. His post is dripping is sarcasm guys.

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Hence me saying Im assuming hes kidding..

Looks like diamondback without a splashdown...... also looks like maybe some good airtime.

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Sarcasm yeah umm yeah I got it...really I did. ;)

At least they got the support color right on this one...

Talonstruck said:
Looks like diamondback without a splashdown...... also looks like maybe some good airtime.

The only similarities I see are the red track and it being made by B&M.

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I love the looks of this coaster, except for the name and theme.

Can't wait to ride it.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

It could be pretty interesting...the 3rd hill, hammerhead, and 5th and 6th hills could all be taken at good speeds depending on the trims (haven't watched the animation yet to see where they are), so it could be more like Behemoth than Diamondback in that regard.

Also, the same name as KD is a clever choice as well, especially for NC Triangle peeps..."So, did you ride the new Intimidator coaster?" "Is that the one that kills your neck and head with the harness or the one where your feet dangle?"

I just hope they don't assign seats on it.

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Looks pretty awesome. I am starting to see our next coaster related driving trip on the horizon. It's been awhile for us. Three new parks to us, Carrowinds, Six Flags Over Georgia, Dollywood and lots of new tall coasters.

Tigellinus it actually looks trimless. :)

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Should be a great ride and will compliment Afterburn nicely!

I have to wonder though, Carowinds is much like Geauga Lake was and the rides aren't as busy as the water park typically due to the heat and humidity. Looking at the placement of the block brake being so close to the end of the ride, I am somewhat surprised they decided to go with a 3 train design versus 2 trains. I am thinking several low to the ground helixes could have been the better option and saved some $$$ on the overall cost eliminating a train and block brake.

No matter, hope it is a sign of better things to come in the future for the park!

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Good pacing. I like the small "Mind Bender style third loop" helix. Just wish they would have a dip onto the brake run to get one last jolt of air for the whole train before hitting the brakes, like the Intamin Ride of Steel twins. IMO every coaster should end that way. I doubt this will be as powerful as Goliath Over Georgia (Seems like that was an accident), but it has much better pacing than Behemoth and about the same as Diamond Back.

Definitely looks to be the better Intimidator. Two hands up from me. :)

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^I too would prefer all hypers to have no midcourse brake and just run two trains or do it the way Magnum does. The midcourse brakes tend to be a real buzz kill on B&M hypers, that is why SFOG's is far and away the best one.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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