Carowinds Announces Intimidator

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How does Magnum run three trains without a midcourse? Do they have an extra brake section at the end? Pretty clever ...and I agree with you AV that the midcourse kills the mojo.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that this looks like it could be a bit better than Diamondback.

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delan said:
How does Magnum run three trains without a midcourse? Do they have an extra brake section at the end?


Classic RCT trick as well.

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a_hoffman50 said:
Sarcasm yeah umm yeah I got it...really I did. ;)

It's OK. :-D

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This ride looks much better than the one going in at KD. Looks like more airtime and no over the shoulder harness. I wish they would have gone with a more general NASCAR theme rather than just Earnhardt. Not everyone liked him.

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Not everyone likes nascar eather.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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The park is in NASCAR country down there. It would be dumb not to theme something to NASCAR.

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Makes you wonder why Paramount Parks, with their corporate headquarters being in Charlotte, never seized on the race car theme for anything at the park?!??!

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Did they make a racecar movie?

^ Just a small film...Days of Thunder ;)

Damn you Neuski...ya beat me to it by mere seconds... :) LOL

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Don't forget Talladega Nights haha.

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I'm actually kinda looking more forward to this one than the one for Kings Dominion. Looks like they really hit this one off theme-wise (assuming the images are indicative of the final result), and it doesn't seem like they shortchanged it on the layout in any way. I'm quite excited for this thing.

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But Talledega Nights came out after Paramount sold the parks to CF...

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Well Imo it's not all about airtime with me and I305 is more my type of coaster it has it all Imo raw speed, power, airtime and one huge sick drop.

This looks just like every other B&M hyper IMO except for alittle tweaking on the second hill and turnaround/hammerhead, Imo Diamondback looks and so far is the best B&M hyper IMO until I have a chance to ride this Intimidator

The ride looks like a real blast.

I'm still kind of hung up on the idea of using the same name for two different coasters in adjacent states in the same year. It really does feel too 'Six Flag-ish' to me. After all, the English language does contain a few hundred words or so to pick from....

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With the name "IntaminLover" - getting a fair comparison of these two before riding them is like expecting a positive comment on a Six Flags park from a user named "CedarFairLover". ;)

I agree Ensign - why name two unrelated (other than theme) coasters the same name that are being built in the same year in (basically) the same region?

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Days of Thunder...where Tom and Nicole first fell in love...aaawww. It was used in a few PP's but I don't think ever at Carowinds. Hello! NASCAR country there where life revolves around racing!!

At Carowinds they don't even do much with the Thunder Road racing coaster which is kinda-sorta a racing theme that could easily and inexpensively be punched up a bit in marketing and theming to sell more merch and souveniers. With Cedar Fair in desperate need of cash to pay off debt and the NASCAR Hall of Fame opening nearby Carowinds, 2010 is the perfect year to take a look at little opportunities in the park like this to blow sales and revenue numbers out-of-the-park.

Bart, that was a freebie.

I'm sure its been mentioned, but Dale Sr's nickname was "The Intimidator", which may explain the overuse of the name.

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I made an error, I was checking and Carowinds did have a Days of Thunder simulator like the other PP's though it is long gone.

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