Carowinds 2010 Question

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This way they also don't have to pay NASCAR.

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

But Carowinds already has a moonshine-running themed coaster...

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So next week this behemoth is announced. According to this article at the Sporting News it'll also have an Earnhardt connection.

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It worries me that you have a NASCAR bookmark.. :)

Also, is it me or does that look like the lift for Rip Ride Rockit in that photo? (left side)

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The coaster in the photo is indeed HRRR. And don't you worry about my bookmarks! lol

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It's going to be the "_________est" of its kind in the mid-atlantic. ;)

AV Matt
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Or " the South" or " the Carolinas."

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