Carowinds 2010 Question

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So the official teaser on the Carowinds site says "Record Breaking. History Making".

What record do you think they are planning on breaking?

The only record that I could see them going after is length. Any thoughts along this line?

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Just because they say "record" breaking, doesn't mean it will be "world record" breaking.

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It's still an interesting prospect for a B&M Hyper, but you're right if they're just breaking NC/SC records that could still be a good marketing angle.

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Given a clever marketing team any ride can be record-breaking. I suspect they use a qualifier add-on such as " the south" or "in the Carolinas." I would advise against expecting this coaster to beat any world records for height, speed, or length.

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World's tallest and fastest and B&Mest coaster to cross state lines. ;)

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Yep. It looks like Beemer track to me. I guess CP's now the one cloning coasters.

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I don't think that you know the actual definition of the word clone.

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Watch the local Fox affiliate tonight. That's what I hear.

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Fox news around here(Charlotte) is notoriously behind the times. They might be doing a story about the new boomerang coaster coming to Carowinds. When the Continental Tire plant I worked at was closing a few years ago they couldn't even be bothered with actually interviewing someone who worked there. They found some out of work guy at the gas station a block away and asked him to comment on it. Like he was qualified to comment.

Well, it seems as if CF got a bulk deal from B&M. It APPEARS as if this might be the third beemer hyper for the chain. (Behemouth, Diamondback, and the new CW coaster.)

kind of reminds me what SF did in the mid 90's.

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How is this any different that when Cedar Fair added the Morgans to Valleyfair, Worlds of Fun, and Dorney Park? Similar ride types, none of which are clones.

It amazes me (but shouldn't) what people will complain about! Frankly if this new hyper is 1/2 as good as Diamondback or Behemoth I'd be elated.

Ok the big Fox news story was that there is construction going on at Carowinds and a big box in the park to promote it. How many weeks have we kown this? Also they ae hiring for Scarowinds

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^^ Are my posts from earlier in the thread invisible? ;)

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Here's a update on the construction with pics of footers,new track and the official teaser for the new coaster.

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UGH...someone needs to record some new coaster screams and make them available. That old sample is so overused!

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Hey, can we post mpegs in the day in the park section? ;)

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I just had a crazy thought:

Since Charlotte is in the heart of NASCAR country, why not a NASCAR (or racing) theamed coaster?

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^White Lightnin' comes from moonshine - running illegal homemade liquor (aka "shine") formed the basis for Nascar in the first in a way, they (apparently) did go with a Nascar theme... ;)

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Okay Gator, I'll give you that.

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