Boulder Dash question

Monday, May 15, 2006 1:40 PM

I've never been to Lake Compounce before, so I'm not extremely familiar with Boulder Dash. It looks and sounds like it's a good ride.

Does anyone have or know of where I can find some sort of layout for this ride? Not like a cartoonish drawing like on the park map, but something more "serious", like the one for the Voyage on HW's website (the one showing the airtime)

Monday, May 15, 2006 1:56 PM
There is a webpage out there that details the construction of the ride and has a layout drawing similar to what you described, but without the airtime part. I am not sure of the link, but I used it to make a Boulder Dash recreation in NoLimits a couple of years ago, so who knows if it's still around. I suppose I could make a screenshot of my recreation for you. Send me a PM with your e-mail address.

It is a very fun ride as long as you aren't expecting loads of airtime or big drops--it's very rampy, but the setting on the mountain is very cool. I am axious to get back and ride it again some time. My only visit was 5 years ago.

Monday, May 15, 2006 2:06 PM
If not familiar with the search engine, maybe a google image search would help? I've never tried it for coasters. I try to be objective when telling other people what they would like but I have to think that for me, Boulderdash is definitely one of the top 10 wooden coasters that I have been on that's been built since the coaster resurgence the past 15 years. Maybe top 5, it was really good and got better and better the more I rode it. It also was damp and I got some night rides and with that combination, it turned into one of the best wooden experiences ever, up there with The Legend at night which I was not expecting. The return run is insanely fast, again, many moments of the Legend or the Raven's back end come to mind. The return run is also incredibly long. The setting of the ride is also one of the coolest out there. I couldn't even see the ride hardly before I rode it, it was camouflaged by the trees. Definitely make it a point to get on this thing and judge for yourself :)

Monday, May 15, 2006 2:43 PM
Man, I don't know where you'd find something like that. The basic layout--You leave the station and go up the hill diagnal to the first drop, at the top you come down a severely banked turn which drops down quite low, and then you're off into the woods and boulders. You come to the end of the out leg which drops down quite a ways with a left banked turn, and do the return leg. It basically has an upper deck and a lower deck, so to speak. We loved the ride. There isn't a whole lot else to the park (two other coasters) and it's quite expensive. They do have that new swing ride this year however.
Monday, May 15, 2006 4:43 PM
I Visited Lake Compounce in June of 2000 and I ENJOYED Boulder Dash! :) I had been to SFGAd and was planning to go to SFA before I returned home to Michigan when I ran into some fello ACErs who gave me Glowing Reviews of this new Coaster, so I went off to Connecticut and descended on Lake Compounce. The next day I wrapped up the Trip with a Visit to SFDA where SMROS became my new No. 1 Steelie! - The only Bummer, Preditor was Down while I was there :( (I Hate it when that Happens!)
Monday, May 15, 2006 5:14 PM

Intamin Fan said:
There isn't a whole lot else to the park (two other coasters) and it's quite expensive.

There's also the excellent Sally Dark ride Ghost Hunt, an excellent rapids ride, a lovely (and historic) train ride around the lake which is beyond gorgeous at night, and a fun S&S tower.

That doesn't include one of the all time great rides at any park: Compounce's Sky Ride. Its a half hour ride and is probably my single favorite non-thrill ride/non-coaster attraction I can think of, anywhere. Pure awsomeness, and something that often gets overlooked by first time visitors. You can see very very very little of the actual ride from the ground.

Not to mention everyone's very friendly, soft drinks are included, the Haunted Graveyard every year is spectacular, and the food ain't half bad either. Great park, all around. Damn near perfect. *** Edited 5/15/2006 9:16:18 PM UTC by matt.***

Monday, May 15, 2006 5:50 PM
matt, I couldn't agree with you more about the Sky Ride. It's wonderful.

It is a perfect park which even contains my favorite S&S tower and smoothest Boomerang. Lake Compounce beats out both Holiday World and Knoebels as my favorite park ever!

Monday, May 15, 2006 6:07 PM
And since its *so* perfect...

Can I request another full sized woodie, a more updated log flume/water coaster, a wild mouse, and a little more regular 2 train ops on Boulderdash?

Gah, sounds like I just did anyway.

Monday, May 15, 2006 6:31 PM
The offical site use to have a POV. If that's stil around I'd recommend watching that over and over.

In the words of Lewis Black, "If you have not been there... move your a**. You're gonna wanna go."

Monday, May 15, 2006 6:38 PM
I'd love to see a large flat and perhaps a spinning mouse of some sort. But if they never added a thing I'd still feel the same way about the park. It's got a peaceful, tranquil feel that no other park I've been to can match, and it's got that awesome train ride!
Monday, May 15, 2006 6:53 PM
Not much to the Park? Between the Coasters, the Other Rides, The Waterslides and the Beach there was enough there to keep me preoccupied ALL DAY! :)

I remember my first visit to Cedar Point in 1967, I guess they weren't much of a Park back then , as they had only TWO COASTERS! (Blue Streak and Scamper). The latter was a "Wild Mouse" type ride that ran in the area where the Corkscrew's Far Turn (The one over the Food Court) is today. It was torn down in the early 1970s :( )

Lake Compounce is my No. 5 Traditional Park. Only Knoebal's, Indiana Beach, Kennywood and Blackpool rank Higher!

Monday, May 15, 2006 6:55 PM
The first half on BDash is as good as any wooden coaster on, of the ones that I've ridden. The second half, just seemed like they'd run out of shot of ejector there wouldn't have hurt my feelings either...but thaat's just me.

Still, my most recent stop DID convince me that it probably does belong in the bottom half of my top five. Lake Compounce, however, IS in the *first* half of my top-5 "favoritest PARKS"... :)

P.S. Borntocoast, we need to hang...and *I* need to get my butt to a fortnight...;)

*** Edited 5/15/2006 10:56:55 PM UTC by rollergator***

Monday, May 15, 2006 9:39 PM
Do yourself a favor, Don't look at pictures, video or anything like that.

Just go and ride it. I think you'll be more impressed by it if you don't buy the hype.

It is one of the only CCI's in the NE though so it might blow you away if you haven't ridden many.

I was however, Kinda dissapointed as it was a good solid coaster but not as good as I was led to believe.

Chuck, who had the same expereience with Timbers but it knocked my socks off the second time I visited!

Monday, May 15, 2006 9:47 PM
Frankly, I'm surprised BD ranks the way it does. I too think its an awsome ride, but not at the very top tier of my favorite coasters, which is pretty similar to what other folks around here seem to say.

*shrug* Its definately a night ride, but its also pretty doggone finnicky at times, too.

Monday, May 15, 2006 10:19 PM
Start saving your Money Rollergator! I spent THREE YEARS saving for that Epic Trip! Grand National is the best Coaster There! (They have FIVE WOODEN COASTERS There!) THey also have the other surviving Noah's Ark, and the Only Surviving Circle Swing Ride! They also have two Outstanding Shows, (A Vegas-Style Nightclub Show and an Ice Show.) If you LOVE Traditional Parks you swear you've died and gone to Heaven! :)

On May 25 I'll be going to my NUMBER ONE Hybrid Park, Holiday World! (A Hybrid Park is a Traditional Park that has "Evolved" to a point where it has taken on the Characturistics of a Theme Park!)

I have began saving my Money for Another Intercontinental Trip, this time I have my sights on Brazil's Hopa Hari Park, which hopefully will host my 100th Looping Roller Coaster and, therafter my 400th Roller Coaster! (The Wooden One, Of Course!) ;) *** Edited 5/16/2006 2:22:05 AM UTC by Borntocoast***

Monday, May 15, 2006 10:44 PM
That pov of Boulderdash makes it seem as though the coaster goes up more than down, its wierd. I hope to get there someday.
Monday, May 15, 2006 10:54 PM
I've been to LC twice and BD is my #2 (behind Phoenix). On both trips I was disappointed by BD in the daytime and absolutely blown away by it at night in the front. Any other seat or time of day was mediocre, but in front at night with the trees and the terrain and the quietness (especially later in the night) and the enthusiastic ops it was a once-in-a lifetime experience...both times. ;)
Monday, May 15, 2006 11:42 PM
For those of you keeping score, their will in fact be a wild mouse coaster for the 2007 season and it will be located by the sky ride and rapids water ride.

Monday, May 15, 2006 11:53 PM
How did I miss the rapids ride on my visit in 2001?
Monday, May 15, 2006 11:54 PM
If that's true vassk1, I'll be there!

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