B&M Dive coaster for Cedar Point in 2016?

Based on this story, possibly.

Dive coaster

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That link is broken. I really want to read it...

Edit: OMG! Just Google Sandusky Register Dive coaster!

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Fixed it. Try again.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Okay, so the "ride is just a proposal." I thought Cedar Point knew what they were building years ahead of time, and yet, a coaster that would be starting construction within the next six months is not set in stone?

I'm confused. lol

Also, even though the park spokesperson confirmed it, how did the paper get the "memo?"

Wow...speeds reaching 80 mph? 4 inversions? Sounds like a beast of a dive coaster!

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Well, exactly. It's either one of the best or one of the worst leaks in history. The paper states its a memo, and as it is with all leaks it appears Cedar Point is left to backpedal their way out of it. Which is why they state it's one of several proposals they're considering for that season, when we all know (whatever it turns out to be) they already know.

Head over to Pointbuzz where they can't type fast enough. I think the Internets is about to become clogged.

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Back in the day, Cedar Point had a specific three-year plan for 1976-78: Corkscrew, Witches' Wheel and a new gate, and then Gemini, linking Frontiertown directly to the Midway. I'd guess there's not usually a set plan reaching out several years.

I would also guess there's a constant process of refinement going on? So maybe Cedar Fair is looking at two possible additions for 2016, of which one will be chosen; three or four options for 2017; maybe something "major" for the park's 150th season?

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Carowinds has often mentioned their five year plans.

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But even 3-year plans have flexibility built into them. Let's pretend this is all true. The 3-year plan could simply say; one of these 3 coasters for 2016, all of which would fit into the proposed area, with a certain deadline of when a final decision needs to be made.


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That's what I was trying to say, however ineptly. That late 70s three-year plan was a defined, specific plan: these steps, taken in these years, connecting Frontiertown and the Midway. More generally I would think (I don't know, of course) that planning is in line with what Ohiostater says.

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Something about this just doesn't sound quite right to me. After the Gatkeeper leak, I would have thought that Cedar Point would learn their lesson. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see this happening in 2016.

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From the article: " The proposed Dive Coaster has a maximum speed of about 80 mph with a ride lasting about 195 seconds, including 30 seconds for loading and unloading of passengers. At that rate 1,310 guests per hour could ride the coaster."

30 seconds for loading and unloading? Not even at Cedar point, the 15 year in a row winner of the Fanboy Ticket Awards "Bestest ride ops of like all time ever!" trophy.

I know that this statement was written from a PPH capacity standpoint, so don't take my next statement seriously, but I think it's funny that the loading and unloading time was included in the 195 second ride time.

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I seem to recall, in a Gatekeeper video of some kind, a spokesperson saying that they have plans up to 2016, and that another coaster was part of the plans. I also remember him saying that they were going to do something unusual, and that the few people who saw it couldn't believe it, or something like that. I believe that unbelievable thing was the Rougarou transformation.

And all this time I thought that the Good Time Theater spot was opening up for a dark ride shooter. I mean, that's the perfect spot for it.

30 seconds for unloading and loading seems about right. Add another 40 seconds of moving trains and 5 seconds of headway, you've hit the 75-second sweet spot typical of a 3-train 2:42 ride. 195 seconds is 3:15, and that includes the aforementioned 0:45 of train movement. The numbers are reasonable, and the longer run time allows for a more leisurely pace in the station.

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The numbers don't really add up. 15 million for 3,625 ft of track? That's seems very low. Griffon is 3,108 ft and cost $15,600,000.00 back in 2007 according to rcdb. I would expect a project on this scale to cost more than 20 million.

I've been under the impression that CP couldn't go very far underground due to water table issues. If they could go very far underground, why hasn't been done yet? I would be willing to bet that the long overdue dark ride is coming in 2016.

Could be a red herring

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The stats sound real, but one thing that stands out... why are they going with 8 cars per row instead of 10 per row like the other Dive Coasters from Griffon and each of the other installs after? Perhaps because of a vertical loop?

Sounds pretty cool if its real, the only dive coaster I've been on is Shiekra and I thought it was awesome! The free fall aspect would be a great replacement to Demon Drop.


They are a boring ride and not worth the cost. For 15 million they can get a much better coaster.just think what rmc could do to meanstreak for that price!

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"They" aren't going with anything yet. It's a rumor from a crappy local paper.

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Maybe it's "only" $15M because CP will use the standard, floored trains. Then in a few years they can Rougarou it and swap on floorless trains like SheiKra did...

But then again, what do I know?

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