Batman: The Dark Knight animated on Badnitrus

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Take a virtual ride on Batman: The Dark Knight, currently being built at Six Flags New England. A POV video is available along with numerous renderings on Badnitrus.

Link: Badnitrus Productions

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Great job guys!

If the ride is even half as your animation makes it seem everybody's in for a really nice treat.  I love the headchopper in the diving loop-banked turn area!


I LOVE how there is no mid-course brakes on this coaster. And yes, I am one of the few people who like the name. Nice vid!
Joke: Why does Riddler's line move so slow?

Answer: It's sponsored by AOL.

Wow, nice drop!
Good Times!! Good Times!!
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I swear, with each animation of Batnitrus that gets done, the quality gets better and better by 10 fold.

Not only does this Batman coaster look great, but it has more new details such as virtual people, the queue line all laid out as well as Superman: Ride of Steel and other rides in the background!!

What's next? Before you know it... the next coaster created will have the entire park in the background.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a park CEO approached Badnitrus, and asked to create or use one of his creations for their official site.... it's too good!

Oh yeah, about the coaster... totally intense. Has just as many inversions as Knight Flight... except this one looks like it has non-stop intensity!!

...It's here, it's here, it's here!!! Whooptie-freakin' doo!!
Ok, what's new for 2003?? I can't wait!!...

Whoa, that is one awsome animation! Good job guys!
I think that animation has their entire park around it at least everything that is close to the ride
There animations keep getting better and better from year to year. If they keep this up, they will be able to take over intraxx. (If they get a physical modeler also)
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Dawg: They did do the official animation for this ride!

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Between the lack of cobra roll and midcourse brake.. this ride looks wonderful!


Yeah, I figured that this was the official animation, because of something they never had before, people!...not to mention they just happened to post it after the details of the ride was announced. :) I swear that Badnitrus could easily monopolize the animation sector of the amusement industry. I haven't watched the video yet, but I'll post after I do
This video is simply amazing.  The attention to detail is impressive, as is the quality of the animation itself.

The ride itself looks decent, too ;)

Woah, I didn't know Badnitrus made that animation.  It's absolutely incredible!  Great work as always guys!
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OH.  MY.  GOD.  Check out the people at the ver beginning swinging their legs.  Checl out the Bat Signal going up the lift.  Check out the river!  Check out the hills in the background.  Pretty soon I'm going to half suspect an animation where the camera points north and you can see the faint little outline of downtown Springfield...

Idle hands were orient to her.

That video is amazing but I have to wonder....Is the ride that short? With no midcourse brake it'll be intense but from riding on that POV it seemed very very short.
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Yes, the ride is that short.  It's only 2600ft. long.  Still though, even at 2600ft. it looks like a better floorless model than say, Medusa at SFMW which is almost twice that length.  I love the compact B&M's like that, and it looks to have some great elements.  I absolutely love the dive loop and the turnaround into the camelback.  I can't wait to ride this thing! 

Oh, and great job on the animation guys!  Can't forget about that.  ;)


did anybody else notice the bat signal in the sky over the lift hill?  at the very top of the lift hill, it appears as if the moon is out during the day, but then you can see the Batman symbol and a shaft of light coming down from it.  I liked the people too, but the swinging legs were a little generic.  I could see swinging on the lift hill, but once the ride started, I think that people would stop.
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Oh my gosh!  That was simply amazing!  People on the ride!  Rides around the park!  You guys keep getting better and better.  I could keep going on about how great it is, but I won't.  Download it.  It speaks for itself.  (Love the new logo animation!)
My wishlist for the 2002 season includes 121 different coasters, 92 of which I have not ridden. guys keep getting better and better.  Keep up the awesome work, and yes, I know people swing their legs all throughout the ride course.

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Wow, that was just......toooo.....SWEET

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