Badnitrus Productions?

wow, i did not realize they did all those animations for the park, either. I do remember a few of the older ones, but not nearly as many that are listed on the site. they do some real good work.
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It'd be nice to have the site updated with the actual animations for us 'buzzers (or if not, restricted to just those CB-Club members) so we could see the portfolio much better, because pictures do NOT do any justice... in point is THIS RIDE... what the hell? A sphere-coaster? It's almost like those old NASA spinners where you spin in 3 different angles (X,Y,Z), except it's in the form of a coaster? What manufacture came up with that idea, and is it a reality... can such a design be made in real life?

...I'd also like to see how the Winterfests at Carowinds & Kings Island turned out as a moving animation, because the pictures just look sooo much like a Pixar CGI rendering, that it'd be probably blowing my mind out once I see it in motion.

Hey relax a bit there Dawgbyte - I'll be putting up some short clips of a few of the animations soon, but it's up to the park/manufacturer what they do with the full length video since they own it. Its not realy my job to give you more information on rides such as the Sphere Coaster. The WinterFest animations were on the PKI/PC winterfest websites the entire time they were promoting it...

I don't do the Badnitrus animations anymore because I really don't have the time since VIP is my full time job... and who wants to sit on a computer all day at their job only to come home and sit on their computer doing the same exact thing again - doesn't sound like much fun to me! Someday if I get free time and feel like it, I might contribute to BNP again, but I wouldn't hold your breath - I DO enjoy being outside and away from my computer more often than you might think :)

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Badnitrus said:Its not realy my job to give you more information on rides such as the Sphere Coaster.

LOL Keith, I think your customers would say it's a big part of your job NOT to give more information... ;)

Someday I'll get you under hypnosis though... :)

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Whatever dude, you work at home already! :) Do what we tell you! For free! Now! If it's on the Internet, it took no work to produce!

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What sucks though it that some of the videos that were released initially by the owners (aka. the parks) are no longer available. So they're completely lost.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Unless they're still sitting around on some people's hard drives...
Yeah that sphere coaster looks interesting enough. I'd imagine some strong forces will be had on it.

Who else wants to guess that we wont ever see a U.S. installation.

As to VIP, you have made it a long way since back when you guys first started making quality animations. Gotta give you guys props for sticking with it and really producing some of the highest quality park animations around.



Jeff said:
Whatever dude, you work at home already! :) Do what we tell you! For free! Now! If it's on the Internet, it took no work to produce!

Old jaded web monkeys are hillarious.

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Nice first and last post, tool! I'm not or old or jaded, nor do I stalk people and register on Web sites just to put one person down.

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Keith, all I know is that you did a fantabulous job on the Patriot video -- except you have the ferris wheel spinning the wrong way. ;) Other than that it's great! :)
Ha! Keith got called out. :)


PS if you have a video iPod, you should DL the Patriot vid, esp the seriously looks real! Check out the WOF site to DL to iPod.

OMG I have a new sig!!!
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Duh, everything looks real on the iPod screen because it's so small!

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The ferris wheel is spinning horizontally? Whoooa!

I'm glad everyone who posts here isn't expected to go home from their day job, do more of the same kind of work on their own time, then post it on this site. ;)

I've done that before using ProE at work and then CATIA at home and it gets to be a drag. I wouldn't ask anyone to do that because you can get burnt out from being behind a computer that much.

It's still me, here from the beginning back in 1999. Add 1500+ posts to the number I have in the info section if you care about such things.
But RGB, doesn't Keith work at home? :) Also for those who don't get the ferris wheel thing above, Keith accidently made Skyliner facing north and turning that direction while it actually faces south and turns that way. :) Also what was with the addition of a building over the transfer area? I like it, but that isn't happening. ;)

A little constructive criticism: I don't think organizing your past work by the year it was completed is the most effective way of doing so from a marketing standpoint. For a potential client, it would probably make more sense to be able to browse by project type so they can easily look at past projects that are directly related to the one they are considering to hire you for.

For example:
- Coasters
- Flats Ride
- Park Simulations
- Special Events
- Water rides / parks
- etc...

I am really impressed by the work you do. Great job.

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I don't see anything wrong with the way his website has been created.
By year of completion, this shows potential clients the progression of his extremely awesome work.

I'm sure everyone and/or anyone looking for digital renderings for the amusement industry knows of VIP already – they know the results.

The example you give might not be the best answer... simply because if a client wants (insert attraction here), and that happens to be the very first thing he created... The response might be "Yikes" that doesn't look so great. –That isn't the case with his work, though–

It'd be better to browse and view everything he's done, to get a better perspective of his creative ability. Don'tcha think?

Everything he's created is simply amazing! Being a graphic designer, I deal with computer generated renderings of new homes, condominium buildings and high rises, (I work in real estate)... I have a feel for how the renderings work – and I must say VIP is fantastic. I'm insanely jealous for not knowing that software. Keep up the great work man!


From viewing those awesome coaster designs and then encountering the terrible webpage raises some questions. How in the hell does a tallented man like that, with such a large busines end up with the webpage thats just so small, plain, obselete and well just terrible.

I supose some people are good at certain things and not at others.

B&M didn't even have a webpage until a year ago, and their business was booming. Companies don't need complicated websites when their work does all the talking.

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