Badnitrus Productions?

What ever happened to Badnitrus Productions? I wanted to re download the MF pov, but they don't offer it anymore. Does anyone know were I can get that Quicktime pov of MF?
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I believe the new name of Badnitrus is 3-D VIP...Virtual Image Productions... ;)

If Keefington reads this - I like the new name alot, it really works and is professional...and the image of SWAT makes me hot... :)

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Nice! I didn't realize he changed the name.


The professional one has always been ViP... I think.
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Yeah... that was always the idea. "Badnitrus" doesn't exactly scream "give me thousands of dollars to do your animation."

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With the change in regimes at Six Flags, and the apparent direction away from new coasters, I wonder if they'll continue to use VIP to demonstrate the new features of Six Flags parks.

"Restroom Attendant"

"Painting Corporate Logos All Over Everything"

"Building Condos and Strip Malls on Extra Park Land"

This could get quite exciting. :)

can anyone suggest a good pov of MF?
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^^ LOL, RGB! :)

"And this is an animation of your new condo, take note of the flying coaster next door at SFA as it goes thru its course...hear the screams of the riders, and the screams of the people paying the parking lot attendant"... ;)

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Wow, his new website is really quite nice, and I didn't realize that he did all of those animations! Fun stuff. :)


Am I really missing something? But do they not have all the videos on the site like the Badnitrus site had? I see alot of them say "see the parks site to see video."
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In other words, the client pays for the animation, and the client controls the copyright.

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johnny1note said:
can anyone suggest a good pov of MF?

Well, doing about 0.09 seconds (no really, that's what Google told me), I found one where no one would ever expect a video like that to be... on Cedar Point's site:

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Obviously anyone who actually saw my MF animation when it was online wouldn't want to download and watch it again :)

Take it from me, you're better off with the real video, johnny1note

After a I saw a whole bunch of newer expensive houses in Nothern Maryland the other day that were right by 95 (the one house was so close, I would be scared of an accident involving a tractor trailer or two), it wouldn't suprise me that someone would want to live right next to Batwing. Why someone would want to live in a house without a sound barrier is beyond me.
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Keith & Co. are extremely talented individuals who really know their way around a coaster & a graphic program [3D Studio Max]. When toying around with the same program, I just couldn't fathom something like that turning into a near photo-realistic presentation that Batnitrus Productions pop out.

I liked it, however, when they used to make some videos "for fun" to share with the enthusiast crowds... such creations like Batman: Knight Flight I think was a fun one and especially the recent update to the Crystal Beach Cyclone... it was also cool to see 2 versions. The professional version for the actual park to show off & the version for us, which was slightly different in its presentation. I think the last one I remember him showing off to us was Dragster.

Whatever happened to those days?

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Batman: Knight Flight was actually their 'first contracted project'.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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Wow, that Sphere coaster looks kind cool!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

I think that those videos are awesome and whatever program they use to make the parks looks kkiller. It seems like those park recreations are AMAZING, i wish i could download the program that they use?

There's a 30 day demo, but buying it will put you back by almost $3,500.

SFoGswim said:
Batman: Knight Flight was actually their 'first contracted project'.

Actually, the first project sold to a park was Talon. Batman: The Dark Knight was the first contracted project.

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