ASO at it again

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^LMAO, Chaindog! That was awesome!
Am I wrong, or doesn't Goliath have the same midcourse brake that got turned-up higher like on Titan? I thought this slowed the train down enough not to create this sensation.

I've greyed-out on plenty of coasters, and some I actually sat in the right seat to get that sensation (I'm referring to the seat closest to the operator on Two-Face the Flip Side and the 5 g's it pulls in the vertical loop).

Other coasters I hadn't wanted that sensation but got it anyhow, such as Anaconda in the first two inversions, and GASM at Great Adventure before they added the trim brake into the first loop--usually by the third loop I was excited to slowdown in the midcourse as I couldn't see anything.

Last, but not least, the very first time I rode S:ROS at SFA, that first helix got me good, but it was extremely hot its opening day and I was probably very dehydrated after waiting in line. I don't recall it ever happening again.

Wait a second...

this article mentions twice about some kid blacking out on Goliath - at first I thought he blacked out at the usual spot, the helix. But then he goes on to say that he blacked out on the lift hill.

So if I am now understanding it, this is really nothing about the Goliath's layout and speed...but just a fear of heights (or possibly the slow lift as someone mentioned)

"I was going up, and then I looked over the side, and I got too excited or something like that, so I just put my head down"

^Really now, what the f*** did he expect? Ok, fine, maybe he's never been on a roller coaster that tall before. Still this doesn't have anything to do with Magic Mountain except that, they have a roller goes up...into the sky. its tall. its so tall that someone went on, and got scared during its ascent! *** Edited 4/5/2007 4:52:39 AM UTC by Scottt***

Charles Nungester said:
I really can't wait till the parks put the smack down on these idiots.

And the Press is just as stupid for buying into it.

The Press, as a whole, is perhaps the biggest collection of tools in modern society. They're the ones that complain about Terrell Owens running off his mouth as they shove cameras and microphones in his face... they're the ones that want Barry Bonds to disappear while they create a reality show around his life!

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ASO's "report" made the local NBC news last night here in the L.A. area. I didn't hear anything about the organization's credibility for the little bit I caught. :(
All the local stations in San Diego picked it up too. My better half left a voice mail chastizing the news dept at the ABC affiliate for their "research", or more specifically lack there of.
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I really cannot wait until a park gets really upset with the bad publicity this organization is causing and they sue this organization back to the stone age.

Certain victory.

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And the great irony is that they sound like they're positioning themselves to "help" by offering consulting services.

"Your coaster needs CPR!"

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

I don't think he--they? Pfft--he can wait either.
Problem is? No one takes him seriously enough to even bother spending a filing fee.

At worst, he puffs and wheezes, flutters about and gives them free publicity.

Nobody remembers him or his 'organization,' only their last visit to the park and whether or not they'd like to go back. If they aren't watching reruns of Seinfeld on the other channel instead...


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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^"Hmmmm, so do I watch a show about nothing, or *news* about nothing?"

Tough choice... ;)

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