ASO at it again

Maybe they should just change the name to Blackout!

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Some folks don't refer to it as a 'blackout' sensation. Some folks actually LIKE the 'blackout' sensation. Your mileage may vary.

By any means? They're all hearsay accounts with absolutely no hard evidence to support them. Without relevant certification and/or credentials, neither are you, I or anyone else in a position to say this or that is actually 'unsafe' or puts guests at risk..short of ride-op behavior or operating conditions that go way out of bounds.

That dude is certified to teach people CPR. Not much else. Actually, as the CPR process has been greatly simplified--30 compressions in 18 seconds, 2 breaths, repeat--even THAT carries a lot less weight.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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The phrase that pays (in the first paragraph): "self-appointed watchdog group."

No need to read beyond that, really... ;)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Like I said once before, they are as about as legitimate as the P.M.R.C was back in the 80's. ;)

In other words....they REALLY need to get a life!


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Another "real" newspaper duped by an "organization" with zero credibility. My God, just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it true.

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I had a blackout on SFGAm's Shockwave the first 2 times I rode it. Being an enthusiasts I was aware that this was due to my body not being used to the G's. I don't even recall Shockwave having particularly high G's. I think every body is different in what they can handle. I know people who've had the same experience swinging too high on a playground swing. It's unfortunate that these accounts score against a park's safety record. There are signs posted warning of high G's. People just aren't aware that they are sensative to them until they've ridden the ride. I don't think anyone's health is permanently threatened by these instances.
I grey out on Mantis. So, what? It's the g's in the loop. What's the big deal? I haven't found one. The more coasters you have, the more incidents you are going to have. I'm sure Cedar Point has many incidents (blackouts) also. This has nothing to do with safety though. I'm confused??? So, I have fainted in a line at MGM studios. Does that count as MGM not being safe anymore??
^I should be so lucky to greyout on Mantis!

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I like the part about "we got a report there was an injury on this ride, so we need to ride it ourselves to verify it." Oh please! 10 cases of heat exhaustion-- what are supposed to do, move the whole park?

I will give them the part about ride ops talking on cell phones and the line cutters. But it's nothing dozens of people haven't already complained about in here. Most normal people would go to guest services to complain, not the Associated Press.

You know these people have to be total whack jobs if they actually have ME taking Six Flags' side.

I wonder if these mega-geeks whip out membership cards when they're standing in queues.

"Listen to me, I'm with ASO."

"Yeah, you're an ASO all right."

Ok, maybe I'm out of the loop, or missed some conversation along the way, but what's the deal with this "ASO" group? Do these people have an ax to grind, or do they really think they're doing the general public a service?

Reading between the lines, and being my usual cynical self, it looks like a group that exists to invent problems where none exist, and get their name in the paper. Am I way off base with that assessment?


I really can't wait till the parks put the smack down on these idiots.

And the Press is just as stupid for buying into it.

Ohio dept of Agriculture basically gave them the boot when contacted by ISO but the newspaper didn't say anything about that. Only how a person with a bone degenerative condition broke his neck on a ride and made no mention of the bone degenrative condition in the story.

What is wrong with ASO? I have been to parks and seen ride operators on their mobile. Good for them to bring this to the public attention. I bet Magic Mountain will have stricter policies now. I'll bet you all wouldn't have the same negative reaction if it was CoasterBuzz getting mentioned on TV.
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^ Honestly, I believe their HOPE is that parks will (mistakenly) view them as credible, either due to their "media credentials" or due to their overwhelming health-related certifications. I need a rolling-eyes smiley BAD right now, LOL.

So...if a park WERE to view them as people to give a rat's arse about, they MIGHT theoretically gain some sort of *benefits* from the park(s) in question...

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TTD Boy, do your research on the ASO.


^ I did. I see that people seem to dislike them, but why? I don't see any reason other than it seems people are jealous of their group because they are getting media attention.

If you have a problem with them, why don't you just say it here instead of rudely telling me "go do your research" as thoughy you have some high and mighty secret information that is only available to those who have been around this forum much longer than me. Not a very welcoming attitude to people who don't post as much as you do.

I did my research and it tells me nothing negative that I can see. Other than press likes them, the parks are annoyed by them, and coaster enthusaists seem bitter towards them. Sounds like they are doing things right to me because isn't that how it should be for a group of "self-appointed watchdogs?" *** Edited 4/4/2007 5:26:05 PM UTC by TTDBoy***

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^Thanks for the laugh, TTDboy. That totally made my day. ;) I have been called a lot of things but a megalomaniac has never been one of them. ;) That's just TOO funny! I wasn't being rude. ;)

Besides, I already expressed my feelings about them. Of course the media likes them. The media feeds on that BS. Bitter? I don't think so. I am not bitter at something I don't take seriously. ;)

The parks dislike them because they have about as much credibility as Jerry Falwell.


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TTDBoy, It's like this, Unless a park gives them benifits. They are gonna go as far as making stuff up and go on hearsay to get that park discredited.

See PKI SOB Story in the Cincinnati Enquirer last august. Like I said, The guy who broke his neck had a bone degernerative condition. They made no mention of that. ONLY THAT THE RIDE WILL BREAK YOUR NECK and OUR SOURCES SAY IS PURE HEARSAY.

Chuck, who says probably 95 percent of whats on their site has no merit or facts to back it up whatsoever. See a credible ride safety watch group. ASO isn't. the only park that ranked lower than SFMM was a theme park in VA? Would that be Kings Dominion? If so, I'm not sure why.

As for Goliath, I was fairly unimpressed with the ride itself. Blackout sensations? The infamous helix did not deliver like I expected--I've blacked out more on SFA's SROS's first helix than on the one on Goliath. And it's not like it's the tallest or steepest coaster around, either. Maybe the temperatures have something to do with it, but other than that, what are they making a big deal about?

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TTDBoy == Attention whore with an LA IP address. You know who I mean. I'm not even going to play into the whoring.

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