Anyone have an Idea where they are goi9ng next year?

Hershey and Knoebels are only about an hour apart, just sayin

^Is there a hotel between the two?

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No one goes to Knoebels. They don't have a hotel.

We usually stay in harrisburg, and just make a day trip to knoebels. Or hit it up on our way to hershey.

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No one goes to Knoebels. They don't have a hotel.

Actually there is ample lodging within 15-20 minutes of Knoebels. The hotel in Shamokin is crap. Try staying out near Danville or Bloomsburg.

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15-20 minutes is too far. They are not there specifically for the park. Proof that no one goes to Knoebels. If Knoebels needed a hotel, they would have already built one.

( ;) Winkieface, just in case you couldn't figure it out.)

^^And if they DO decide to build one, it'll be ready before Flying Turns.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Going to hit Morey's for sure, as we are going to Sea Isle for a week and we usually head over to Wildwood for the Tuesday special and one other night. I think I still have a couple of sheets of Castaway Cove tickets so we'll take the kids up to OCNJ one night.

We will definately do a long weekend to Knoebels, cant wait since I never got a chance to hit the Black Diamond. Going to try and work Hershey into that trip.

It's also looking good for availability of my Parent's Williamsburg timeshare, so a BGW/Water country USA trip is in the works, maybe VA Beach.

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Definitely will do my 20 or so trips to CP, including Coastermania and Boobuzz, 2 or 3 to KI.Going to do the event at Dollywood. I'm hoping to make it to Holiday World for the first time.Wish list: Kennywood, SFGA,SFGADV,BGW,and KD.My wife wants to hit Universal Studios Florida during Thanksgiving for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I guess we'll have to see how it all plays out.


Definately: Hersheypark (40 min away & season passes) and Knoebels

Probably: Dorney and Six Flags America

Good Chance: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Hopefully, if Vacation plans workout right: Carowinds, Dollywood, Lake Winnie & Six Flags Over Georgia

Would like to even squeze in a trip to Kennywood with possible stop overs at Lakemont and DelGrossos.

With the exception of a possible vacation through the Carolinas, Tennesee and Georiga, most everything will be pretty close to home for us this year.

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I think my days of being able to afford to go to any amusement park are over. But, I do have a couple on my wish list for 2012. And, one of them is NOT Cedar Point. Nothing new there other than windseeker.

I haven't been to Six Flags Great America since the Superman coaster was new. So, I think I would like to go there again. Lots of new things have been added to the park since my last visit, including roller coasters that I have not been on. And, the new X-Flight coaster is certainly high on my lists of must dos. Probably won't go to the water park, unless the ride side of the park is dead.

Another park I would like to go to is Holiday World. With all the talk about the roller coasters there, I think that would be cool. Plus some of the other things that they continue to offer that other parks don't. It's just quite a drive to go there. So, gas money is going to be a big issue.

Two places that are on my list are Canada's wonderland and La Ronde in Montreal. I once did both parks in a weeks time. But, now that you need a passport to cross the border from Michigan by car, that might have to wait for another year. Love both parks.

But, I think the Great America trip is the only logical one at this point. If I was rich, and could afford to travel more, I'm sure California would be high on my list. I have never been there. It would be cool.

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