Another new Rocket for 2006...

And its a mini-Kingda Ka as someone else pointed out. Did Intamin either A) Brainwash the industry into thinking these things were not maintanence nitemares, or B) Fix them?
Now if only we can get a layout to confirm that RITA is a rocket and what it'll be like...

Here's the addy:

Note that this one also has the project name of Stealth... *** Edited 11/28/2004 3:11:18 AM UTC by TeknoScorpion***

Hmm....Looks very similar to TTD.
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Xceleropthrill Ka!

A mix of Xcelerator's top hat, Top Thrill Dragsters theming (control station and queue grandstand roofing), along with Kingda Ka's bunny hop!

Looks kind of boring to me, but what do I know, I'm just another coaster enthusiast.

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Wasn't Thorpe planning on a 400 footer till the locals shot that down? Perhaps Kingda Ka's layout came from this, and since Thorpe couldn't get approval, they just changed the height...

Notice that the supports are different on this one.

213 feet tall so it's a decient sized rocket. Not a record breaker but not a small ride either.

A Daytona Hot Rod Racing Track? I thought only redneck over here in the States like NASCAR.

sounds pretty good to me, kingda ka is probably going to be better though with the height difference and speed difference and etc. But hey, Top Thrill Dragster station, Xcelerator type Top hat, Kingda Ka's bunny hill all combined together does sound too bad.
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Looks like they borrowed Cedar Point's architect for the station and such.

I suppose the true gauge for reliability, especially for one this size, would be Hersheypark's ride. Any regulars there want to comment?

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Look on the bright side: At least you could almost build a correct version of this one on RCT3...
Another cool thing ... the looks of e.g. the tophat are definitely the most elegant of all rocket's I've seen.
Nice design work on the supports.
After reading the article, I wonder if it will indeed have that support structure. Tussauds group were the ones that produced that drawing for the planning board it says, so what they draw may be quite different than what Intamin ultimately does.

But I hope it looks like that, its sexy! Even if it does go back to the debate of will any rockets have the same support structure;).

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The page says Europe's highest and fastest. It isn't... Silver Star in Germany is bigger.

It is Europe's Highest and fastest...

Rocket Coaster;).

It's not even the tallest coaster in England, I don't know where they got "Tallest and Fastest in Europe" from...

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Yeah, Silver Star would still be Europe's tallest and fastest. I wondering if they're holding some unknown suprise information back?
The article says "Europes highest and fastest launch coaster."

The only launched coaster in Europe at the moment is Revolution at Blackpool, so it's not exactly much of a comparison. Or maybe they're counting the two other launched rides for the UK next year, at Alton and Flamingoland?

^ Actually there is also the Booster Bike, Space Mountain and Rock ´n Rollercoaster, Superman: The Ride and a few travelling Katapults (if they count at all). But neither of those are very high.

All this launch energy is just wasted on these short rides.


What about Turbine? Is that coaster still at SFB?


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