2007 Six Flags Magic Mountain

I don't think anyone has time and attention left to value flowers and palm trees when they ride Goliath.
It's hard enough figuring out where you are in the second half - I think no one ever missed landscaping on that ride, neither on Colossus - that ride is a landscape in itself anyhow.
Maybe Scream is a different case.

airtime for everyone
AN UPDATE ON THE PARK! (Recent happenings)

- Parking lot trams have been repainted from their dilapidated and bland white/blue motif to a dark purple/green scheme and are now referred to as "Six Flags Express."

- Lots of beautiful flowers planted throughout the park.

- Justice League Feast (former Chicken Plantation) scheduled to open this weekend. This is a new meet-and-greet area tied in with a buffet-style outdoor dining area.

- The Riddler's Revenge and Ninja now offer single-rider lines.

- Coldstone Creamery Limited (former Buongousto Italian Eatery) opened yesterday.

- Johnny Rockets Express (former Carousel Grill) is slated to open by Memorial Day weekend. The building has been completely repainted and fitted with a typical Johnny Rockets building motif, complete with shiny metallic sheeting. Signage has not yet arrived.

- New Guest Code of Conduct policy signs are now posted at every metal detector entry area as well as on newly built fixed signs in the plaza in front of the ticket booths at the main entry.

- Every attraction besides the usual Flashback and Metro were operating yesterday. Big surprise?

- Designated smoking areas are now marked with signage and blue benches.

- The red-colored track handrails on Colossus continue to be repainted.

- All of the park's televisions are now working.

- Park now offers a "Shop & Drop" service, where many retail and merchandise locations in the park will facilitate large purchase items that guests might prefer not to carry around the park all day.

- Batman Begins stunt show returns May 26. Park is currently building a new meet-and-greet area outside the stadium for post-show photograph opportunities with Batman and his Tumbler (Batmobile).

- New and larger-shade table umbrellas for Waterfront Commissary outdoor eating area.

- The four Cool Media fixtures in the park are now working and "refreshing guests." However, no media are installed yet.

- Deja Vu has a new queue entrance that routes from directly beneath the cobra roll. Its former entrance has been covered up with a new gate.

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We must've got one of the old trams when we were there a couple weeks ago. Ours was definitely "dilapidated and bland white/blue". With the new paint scheme, did they fix the rattle at all? We thought for sure it was going to fall to pieces halfway up the hill. :)
More good news:

Goliath and Tatsu were both in three train operation this Saturday, everything else was in two train operation (sans the two junior coasters of course). If this trend continues through this busy summer season, I think Magic Mountain is definitely headed down the right path.

Batman The Ride joined the list of Flash Pass enabled attractions.

Refurbished trains on Ninja and Viper.

X, Viper, Ninja, The Riddler's Revenge join Deja Vu with a newly implemented reduced wait single-rider queues.

Now to the biggest WHAT? of the post...drones of families are frequenting Magic Mountain! A rare sight indeed. My guess is that it has something to do with the kids' ticket promotion...but it seems to be working for the betterment of the park! And to their delight, countless costumed characters (Looney Tunes, Justice League, and Cirque-style characters) were out in good numbers all over the park.

Wow, if Shapiro can turn Magic Mountain around, there is no doubt he can turn the chain around. I really hope that things stay this way throughout the summer and we see this huge improvement at all the Six Flags parks.

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