2007 Six Flags Magic Mountain

crazy horse said:
Has psyclone already closed down? Or are they just doing prep work?

It's been closed since the beginning of January. At this point, they're removing lamps, control panels, electrical components, wiring, etc.

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Suppose there's any chance the wrecking ball taking down Psyclone might accidentally take out Deja Vu too? ;)
Bite your tongue!

I love the Vu. I'd much rather it swing over and take down Jet Stream. ;)

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Remove Jet Stream? You're dead to me now! ;)
I say keep Freefall it has the classic look in between the tangle of RR.

Could anyone really imagine RR without the FreeFall there.

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No taking out Vu!

....until I get the credit ;)

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While Vu shouldn't have been put up at SFMM and SFGAm due to its capacity issues, the ride experience itself is pretty cool.

Just need to get to SFOG to have experienced all 3 Vu's. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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I like the straght up VU. It's the best of the boomerangs I think. It is still considered a boomerang right?

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It's classified as a GIB (Giant Inverted Boomerang), so I would say yes.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Super Inverted Boomerang!...accoding to Vekoma.
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GIB - Giant Inverted Boomerang.
edit: while I was typing, I saw ^THAT^. Vekoma HAD been calling the Vu series GIBs. That changed I guess? Weird...

I just never thought there was THAT much difference, ridewise, between the *relatively reliable* Invertigoes and the DVs. The first Invertigo was PLAGUED, but after figuring out that the older (and more reliable) lift mechanism was the way to go, the other three Invertigoes have operated pretty consistently (although, IIRC, Two-Facce vallied that one time).

^^Chitown needs to get to SFoG, but the Vu is pretty far down on *my* list of reasons to go there. LOL!

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No it just doesn't take long to make a Two Face valley disapear.

Mamoosh said:
Super Inverted Boomerang!...accoding to Vekoma.

You have to start watching out who you're citing. 'Cause actually, it's NOT Super Inverted Boomerang according to Vekoma. ;)


On the sign at Six Flags Great America, I think says "Super". Give a huge line baby!! With D Vu', there is no short of that. The more people stay in longer lines, the longer they stay at the park. Maybe, they will even stay an extra day. With X, Goliath, and D Vu' over there, people will stay longer (hopefully).

Take D Vu' out, and you will lose a lot of people. Well, maybe not at Six Flags Over Georgia. The mechanics are just something else over there. Maybe, they don't have enough, or not enough money, but it's just bad over there.

Speaking of Vekoma coasters, has anyone ridden that Tilt Coaster??? http://rcdb.com/id1357.htm That looks so darn cool. Does it break down a lot though? *** Edited 2/7/2007 6:11:10 PM UTC by Ilovthevu'***

Ilovthevu' said:

Take D Vu' out, and you will lose a lot of people.

Nah.....take it out and it will have no effect on total attendence and little to no effect on average guest time spent in park.

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Take out Deja Vu and you go from having a coaster that (relatively) few people get to ride to a coaster no people get to ride.

Gotta go with Peabs on this one.

^ How's that? Is that under the assumption Deja Vu is always closed? It has been operating consistently for over a year now, with little to no downtime. I can't speak for the ones at Atlanta and Gurnee though.
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Last time I was at GAm (arguably the best of the SF parks), and my buddy needed the credit, we got on the FIRST train of the day, quite awhile after park opening. We were laughing about a clipboard that had capacity of the ride posted, IIRC, at 480/hr. The board op, waiting to dispatch, overheard us and said "yeah, not EVEN close". I find it VERY hard to believe that SFMM crews get a better throughput than GAm's do.

The things are maintenance hogs...and capacity nightmares. Assuming they're running...

But I think the most germane point to this argument goes like this: How many people visit with DV operating, and how many WOULD visit if DV were NOT operating? My guess...the difference would be less-than-negligible.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Props to Magic Mountain for FINALLY doing it the RIGHT way. Glad to hear Scream! is getting grass put in underneath, and glad to hear about everything else. If they keep true to their word 07 is going to be a VERY good season for SFMM.

S:ROS = <3

matt. said:
Take out Deja Vu and you go from having a coaster that (relatively) few people get to ride to a coaster no people get to ride.

Gotta go with Peabs on this one.

Take out the Vu, and guests will begin to wonder if there is some sort of fire sale going on. And considering the decline in attendance once word got out that the place might close, I wouldn't take that chance just yet. ;)

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