2007 Golden Ticket Awards


1: El Toro

2. Thunderhead

3. Voyage

From there, could go any number of ways, but having ridden all three within a matter of 2 months, this is how I'd place my ranking.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Jeff said:I say who cares. It's still an excuse to sell advertising to the winners.

The exact reason I don't support this poll. Im sure many of the results are skewed in lew of the Magazines views. It's participants have limited park visits and nothings ranked head to head. It's simply most votes for. Well 3 million visit CP and 800,000 visit IB.

So which park will get more votes?

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Here's to hoping Goliath @ SFoG makes a jump up the list. Like... to #4.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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^Didn't make it quite that high on mine, but it sure beat the daylights out of every other B&M I had on my list....(LOL, that means it beat out TG:TJC). ;)

Funny how B&M and GCI both make mostly *soft* rides, and neither did that well on my ballot. I'm biased... :)

Jeff said:
Have I ever mentioned that the Golden Tickets are just an excuse to sell advertising?

Yes, and you're right! Though HW's musical rendition last year was actually very entertaining.

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I just recently found this site, well like 6 months ago.. but does anyone know why the site doesn't do the Coaster Choice Awards anymore? The page only has results from 2005 so I'm guessing it wasn't done in 2006?


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Because it too was a fairly silly popularity contest designed to score press for the site. It made me feel dirty.

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Sounds good enough to me, thanks. :)
From what I've read on other sites, I'm not the only one who hopes that Voyage will be Number One. Surely it will be, with all the good things said about it.

I also think El Toro will do really well. It would be cool if it and Voyage were tied for number one, but I don't see that happening. El Toro will most likely be Number Two or Three.

***By the way, if I haven't said this before, this site is simply the best roller coaster fan website I've ever been to (and I've been to a lot). It is such a blast to post and also read what other Buzzers have to say. I'm off topic, I know, but where else could I put this? So thank you, Jeff, for maintaining this place, not just from me, but I think from a whole bunch of other Buzzers as well. *** Edited 9/2/2007 6:13:39 PM UTC by Lady Legend***

The Voyage: 2007 NUMBER 1 WOODIE! I'm a Voyage freak and proud of it too!
I am hoping Sheikra breaks the top 5, but my favorite poll is Mitch's just because it is not restricted and I finally read the Mitch's coaster poll for dummies thing.

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Remember that there is more to this poll, and it goes well beyond the publication side. It all starts with the parks. Clearly, Gary benefits by selling ad space. But the ad space sells because parks purchase the ad space. Why? Because media savy parks want to win awards. Why? Well, take a look at some of their print material and website home pages and look for the “Golden Ticket” ribbon, among others, usually front and center. 99.999% of park guests don’t know a “golden ticket” from Adam. But they do recognize awards, and recognition, and parks know that they can market this… So remember, parks play a very important role in this award circle. If parks weren’t looking to “brag” and market award nominations, there would be no “golden ticket” award program. Gary is a genius. He created ad revenue demand out of nothing.
Like Texas Giant, there sign for their Golden Ticket Award is in as bad shape as the ride is.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

I got a sneek preview of all the awards and there are a couple of surprises but not that many. I can't post the winners but most of you should know the #1 woodie and steel. I dont agree with the woodie but the steel is where it should be every year and it isnt MF. I can post it on Wednesday just before the announcement.
Where's the sneak preview??? (drool) I simply can't wait until Wednesday afternoon!

The Voyage: 2007 NUMBER 1 WOODIE! I'm a Voyage freak and proud of it too!
Here are a few of the winners you can see the rest later.

#2 Millennium force
#3 Nitro
#4 Apollos Chariot
#5 Magnum XL200
#1 Voyage
#2 Thunderhead
#3 Phoenix
#5 Hades
Best newRide for 07
#1 Maverick
#2Mystery Mine
#3 Griffon
Best New water ride
#1 Bakuli
Best Park
#1Cedar Point
#3 Islands Of Adventure

When does the official voting start and how can I participate?
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Voting for 2007 is over, as you can see a partial list of winners above.
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As far as I know, voting is by invitation only.

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Voting ended July 31st, IIRC...

And ballots are sent out by AT, not sure how they determine who gets them...

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