Superman: Ultimate Escape

Geauga Lake


Current Top 100 rank None
Height 180 feet / 54.9 meters
Speed 70 mph / 112.6 km/h
Track length 2,700 feet / 823.0 meters
Vehicles 1
Inversions 0
Notes Renamed from Voodoo to Possessed after trademark dispute with Six Flags. Opened as Superman at Six Flags Ohio, renamed to Steel Venom when sold to Cedar Fair as Geauga Lake.
Ride types LIM/LSM
Manufacturers/designers Intamin

Location and name history

Name Park Opened Closed
Superman: Ultimate Escape Geauga Lake 2000 2003
Steel Venom Geauga Lake 2004 2006
Voodoo Dorney Park 2008 2008
Possessed Dorney Park 2009

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