Stark Raven Mad 2001 announced

Posted Thursday, October 12, 2000 10:24 AM | Contributed by DEK

The following is a reprint (by permission)...

Thanks to everyone who emailed their thoughts about when we should hold Stark RAVEN Mad in 2001. As always, you folks came through for us.

Although I must admit, it didn’t help a bit! There were lots of good reasons to hold it in early May as well as late June. (However, I do now know to stay away from Derby weekend and also the ACE Coaster Con weekend.)

Actually the final decision was made by the fearless leader of an as-yet-unnamed enthusiast group—who wants to hold an event here in June. More on that later.

So… Stark RAVEN Mad 2001 will be held on Friday, May 11. (That’s Mother’s Day weekend, so be sure to bring me an iron or toaster oven. One for Pat Koch, too.)

The ERT will be from shortly after 5 pm until midnight and will of course be held concurrently on both The Raven and The Legend. (We will halt the ERT briefly for a healthy and nutritious meal, as always. And we won’t forget the creamsicle fudge this time. My, my how you concerned you get about your fudge!)

The schedule will include the Friday night ERT plus a full-day at Holiday World on Saturday, May 12. We’ll also have a photo walkback. Oh, and free drinks.

…and a bunch of new track work on The Raven (*NOT* re-profiling!). We’re setting Jeff-the-maintenance-guy-who-used-to-be-a-CCI-tracker loose on The Raven this winter. (He’s been drooling about it for weeks, it’s really disgusting.) And The Legend will have new, wider-and-padded lapbars.

The infamous Dave Johnson will be whipping up another clever flyer, which will be available through a blind link on our website. Probably in a month or so (right, Dave?).

In case you’re already working out your ’01 budget, the cost for pre-registration is $19.95. The SRM shirts will be an additional $12.

Thanks again to everyone who came to see us this summer—and all the emails and letters. They really mean a lot!

Paula Werne Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

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