Opening day walkback scheduled for enthusiasts at Dominion

Posted Thursday, March 20, 2003 9:49 AM | Contributed by Jeff

Paramount's Kings Dominion PR Manager Mark Riddell had this to say in an e-mail letter today about Drop Zone, the park's new drop tower:

"Paramount's Kings Dominion will open as scheduled THIS Saturday, March 22nd at 10 AM for our 28th season! Woohoo!

Drop Zone is getting rave reviews from guests and staff who have ridden and we want to add as many enthusiast voices as possible to those reviews!

We are offering enthusiasts a walk back opportunity for Drop Zone on opening day. I will meet interested enthusiasts at the walkway directly behind the Berserker beginning at 10 AM. We'll walk at 10:15 AM - don't be late! Those folks who walk back with us will be put first in line to experience the awesome 305-foot Drop Zone. If there is a late opening of the ride, you still will have the opportunity to wait first in line. I'll even sweeten the deal by offering a special surprise to those who show up while my supplies last. What could it be?

You have probably seen information posted online (by folks who attended our 'Dry Run' day last Saturday) about the Drop Zone restraints ability to accommodate guests with broad shoulders and/or large upper bodies. I'm happy to report that at least 20 seats are now retrofitted to accommodate more guests. We eventually intend to modify all 56 seat positions.

Also opening on Saturday is SpongeBob 3-D in the Action F/X Theatre. The film is hilarious - even if you don't know Plankton from Patrick - you'll love the 3-D action of the ride!"

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