Kennywood announces Phantom's Revenge for 2001 (updated)

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Kennywoods new coaster, Phantom's Revenge, was revealed today as the replacement for Steel Phantom. According to the park's spokeswoman, the first two drop will be retained, but will have no inversions. It is expected to reach speeds of 85 mph. The chassis of the coaster and the location of the loading station will also remain part of the Phantom's Revenge.

D.H. Morgan will design the new track, which will be 200 feet longer, bringing the total length to 3,200 feet. It is also said the a camelback hump will be added between the first 2 drops, as well as a tunnel.

This is the second time that Kennywood has revamped an exisiting coaster. The first being the Pippin (built in 1924), which was redesigned in 1968 and emerged as the famous Thunderbolt.

Fans of the Steel Phantom have until Labor Day to get their final ride.

The information gathered above was from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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