Holiday World announces Firecracker

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

From the press release:

Firecracker is a Calypso ride, one of only a handful still in operation nationwide. The vintage ride will be restored with a patriotic theme and will be located across from Liberty Launch in the park’s 4th of July section.

“Firecracker is a distant cousin to our Scarecrow Scrambler ride,” says Eckert. “The difference, though, is that there are 16 cars which will hold two riders each – and the ride platform is on an angle. It’ll be a great family ride and a wonderful addition to our collection of classic rides.”

Firecracker’s story began in 1972, when it was a new ride at LeSourdsville Lake Park near Cincinnati. That park shuttered in 2002 and the ride was eventually moved to Fun Spot in northeast Indiana, which closed in 2008.

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