Holiday World announces Firecracker

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From the press release:

Firecracker is a Calypso ride, one of only a handful still in operation nationwide. The vintage ride will be restored with a patriotic theme and will be located across from Liberty Launch in the park’s 4th of July section.

“Firecracker is a distant cousin to our Scarecrow Scrambler ride,” says Eckert. “The difference, though, is that there are 16 cars which will hold two riders each – and the ride platform is on an angle. It’ll be a great family ride and a wonderful addition to our collection of classic rides.”

Firecracker’s story began in 1972, when it was a new ride at LeSourdsville Lake Park near Cincinnati. That park shuttered in 2002 and the ride was eventually moved to Fun Spot in northeast Indiana, which closed in 2008.

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I love that parks are buying and refurbing older rides Ron install in parks.

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"Charmland adds more charm."

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It should be noted that they are using a throwback name, too. Pretty nice. I imagine this will go better than another attraction that reused 'StR' ;)

Great park addition! Having grown up close to LeSourdsville, I had hoped that HW would've saved Screechin Eagle -- but this'll do the trick.

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^Screechin' Eagle was the bomb! Geez, I would love to take it for a few dozen spins. I'm happy they are getting an old ride, and a proven one at that. It's gonna look great I bet!

My first coaster in life was LeSourdsville's ride, known by it's original name Cyclone, around 1960. It was a long time (in child years) before I drummed up the courage to climb on another.

I went to Miami U in the early/mid 70's and spent many fun days getting reacquainted with the park. I remember their Calypso very well and rode it many times. It was fast and spinny.
It had the usual trappings of a traditional Calypso, but subtle differences made me believe it wasn't the standard Mack model. It also doesn't look like any of the Intamin models I've seen pics of.
If anyone out there has knowledge of the history of the ride I'd appreciate knowing.

Something makes me wish they had waited to reboot the name Firecracker for a future coaster project. But I'm thrilled they found this vintage ride to repurpose. I reckon much (if not all) of the original flash is gone now so the park will be free to theme and decorate the ride as they like. It could be really cute.

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RCMAC said:

I went to Miami U in the early/mid 70's

Holy crap you're way older than I would have guessed. You're quite a bit older than my parents, even. I hope I still have the enthusiasm for coasters that you do when I'm you're age. I don't want to be one of those hobbled old people that can't take the g-forces.

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Well, thanks.... I think...

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Now, get off his lawn...

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Funny, I didn't think MAC was that old at all.... :-P

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Me either.

Wait, does that make...ME...old?

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