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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Gonch the cabana boy, coming to Carowinds this summer!
  • Hong Kong Disneyland may receive backing from government, who has a more than half stake in the place.
  • Holiday World getting headlines locally for water usage concerns, but they're not the only source of growth in the community.
  • Universal turning green with publicity.
  • The Gravity Group launches its new Web site. We're looking forward to Ravine Flyer II.
  • New plan for Coney Island, but don't you have to own the land before you decide what to do with it? How much housing is too much housing? And by the way, O'Hare sucks.
  • The 49ers now want to put their stadium across the street. Why didn't they think of that sooner? The egos around pro football teams are ridiculous. Jeff gets pissed hearing about them.
  • Disney continues to kick ass and take names. They win the financial results contest for the week.
  • Euro Disney on the up and up, and only lost half as much as last year.
  • Cedar Fair up slightly in terms of revenue, but attendance keeps going to the crapper. Paramount Parks approach was very different, opting to sell more passes than the original Cedar Fair parks.
  • Six Flags takes a serious dump, misses expectations, but Gonch maintains that despite the poor quarter, they're still going in the right direction.
  • Insert rant on Wall Street's quarterly obsession.

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