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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Kennywood storm death lawsuit reaches settlement amount first, liability to be determined.
  • Cedar Fair announced 2Q earnings, and while the per cap keeps going up, the attendance continues to slip. Is this good or bad? The per cap and value perception issues revisited (again).
  • Six Flags is up and up, though taking a hit for marketing expenses. The stock is taking a serious beating, and it has us scratching our heads.
  • The Park at MOA is now Nickelodeon Universe, and they're spending $30 million there.
  • Florida attributes accident at Dania Beach Boomers to rider behavior. Should safety measures account for "worse case scenario?"
  • Wild West World creditors come a knockin'.
  • Great Wolf is coming to MOA. Jeff mentioned that the average local bed and breakfast is a better value.
  • O Canada film at Epcot is mostly a joke up north. The Nemo ride at Epcot is the Disaster Transport of Disney, by the way.
  • International seasonal workers do their thing at Cedar Point. Off-shoring is largely a mythic beast in the states.
  • The Cedar Fair and private equity drama is fun to watch, but seriously, who would really put up the cash for the company? And who is dumb enough to talk about a deal before it's real?
  • Conservation rocks at the Busch parks. Do you feel the same way about animals at Six Flags parks?
  • Disney single-day ticket all the way up to $71 now. They get what they want though, people do the multi-day arrangement.
  • The flyer is up for the CoasterBuzz Club Fall Affair. Download it now!

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