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Jeff, Catherine, Artemisa and Mike (and Cosmo) review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Temperature in the 40's, sleet, rain, 40+ mph wind, and people are at Cedar Point?
  • Bell's lease in question, and it sure doesn't make sense.
  • Maverick construction continues at Cedar Point, steel erection is complete.
  • Cedar Fair maintains annual distribution. Jeff sees it going up after the Paramount Parks debt is reduced in a few years.
  • Mike says the Santa's Village closing was barely on the radar in Chicago.
  • This week's stupid criminals: Forging hand stamps at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  • Cedar Fair: The Entertainment Company(TM). And speaking of which, where is the entertainment after dark at Cedar Point? They're leaving money on the table here for resort guests.
  • When does policy take precedence over common sense? Much disagreement over age versus height for walk-through attractions.
  • This Beech Bend nonsense is about miserable people.
  • Automated tolls at Six Flags Great Adventure? Sounds like a good idea.
  • Busch said their park revenue is up 10%.
  • Catherine tells the story of the ultimate clueless family trying to board a ride at Hersheypark.

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