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Jeff, Catherine, Artemisa and Mike (and Cosmo) review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Temperature in the 40's, sleet, rain, 40+ mph wind, and people are at Cedar Point?
  • Bell's lease in question, and it sure doesn't make sense.
  • Maverick construction continues at Cedar Point, steel erection is complete.
  • Cedar Fair maintains annual distribution. Jeff sees it going up after the Paramount Parks debt is reduced in a few years.
  • Mike says the Santa's Village closing was barely on the radar in Chicago.
  • This week's stupid criminals: Forging hand stamps at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  • Cedar Fair: The Entertainment Company(TM). And speaking of which, where is the entertainment after dark at Cedar Point? They're leaving money on the table here for resort guests.
  • When does policy take precedence over common sense? Much disagreement over age versus height for walk-through attractions.
  • This Beech Bend nonsense is about miserable people.
  • Automated tolls at Six Flags Great Adventure? Sounds like a good idea.
  • Busch said their park revenue is up 10%.
  • Catherine tells the story of the ultimate clueless family trying to board a ride at Hersheypark.

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Santa's Village hardly on the radar in Chicago?

No disrespect to Mike, but he obviously wasn't checking the media on that day. CBS2, NBC5, ABC7, WGN, and FOX Chicago all reported the park on the day of the auction. The Chicago area papers also reported.

It was a big deal last Wednesday.

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Yeah, you guys are lucky I wasn't there - for both the whiny little tall girl missing out on her candy story and the q-bot discussion. :)
Noooo, where is the intro music :(
I think the name of the Aussie magazine was Ralph's. That's what I remember when talking to the Aussies.
I was trying for the life of me to remember what the magazine you were talking about was when I listened. You're right Jeff, it's Ralph... never really understood a guy going into a shop to buy a magazine with such a blokey name. We've also got our own version of FHM which is definitely the better of the two.
Too bad I missed out on the QBot discussion, too. Of course, my take on it is simple -- I have no problem with the concept (even if charging extra), *IF* the park is running the rides efficiently. Making someone pay extra to partially make up for poor service is NOT a good use of the technology.
Gonch, you think that little girl is whiny? I would have been heart-broken if someone told me I couldn't have my candy... hell, I'd still mess someone up if they stood between me and my food!
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:) - Check my posts in the original news item.

In a nutshell, I think the worst part is that her parents put her in that situation...and then played her like that in the press.

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Arn't all 7 year olds whiny? ;)
Hey aren't we all a little whiny at times.:)

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